Daniel Beauchamp
Jun 7 · 2 min read

Since the launch of Shopify AR last fall, we have been committed to helping merchants create better, more seamless online shopping experiences through the use of 3D and augmented reality. So when Apple announced ARKit 3 and Reality Composer at WWDC this past week, we quickly started experimenting with how these new tools can help create new dimensions of engagement for shoppers.

Last year, AR Quick Look made it possible to view products in 3D and AR on the web without the use of an app. This year, Reality Composer makes it possible to create interactive scenes that are viewable right from your browser. Rather than examining single products, customers will now be able to see and manipulate an entire collection in context. Below is a scene created using Reality Composer that brings a shoe display to life right in your living room.

Reality Composer makes shopping in AR even more compelling with multi-model, interactive scenes.

In the future, we can imagine this technology being combined with artificial intelligence to contextualize product collections to your surroundings as seen below with the home decor example. Moreover, the new Apple Pay integration finally closes the gap between browsing and buying. Customers will be able to buy straight from their augmented reality experience rather than doubling back to the product page to checkout.

A potential future with customized product placement using the new Apple Pay integration for seamless checkout.

If you are running the iOS 13 beta, you can test out one of our interactive scenes here.

Shopify AR remains a priority for us and with these new augmented reality updates made to iOS, we look forward to making our platform the best in helping merchants bridge the online and offline shopping experience.

Stay tuned as we release more updates. See here for more of Shopify’s predictions on how augmented reality can drive new forms of customer engagement.

Shopify AR/VR

Experiments, thoughts, and lessons learned from Shopify's AR / VR team.

Daniel Beauchamp

Written by

Head of AR/VR @Shopify

Shopify AR/VR

Experiments, thoughts, and lessons learned from Shopify's AR / VR team.

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