An Alliance Against Amazon Has Been Founded

There’s an anti-Amazon alliance brewing…and the orchestrator is none other than Google.

It started just back in August when Google announced that it would be working with Walmart. Now Target and Home Depot have joined in on the fight. With faltering in-store sales and news of countless retail goliaths going under, we can all guess as to why. The question now is how will they work together to tackle this.

Despite the vast size of Walmart, Target and Home Depot, they simply can’t match the size of Amazon’s inventory offering and its ability to dominate online sales. So how are they working together? Google will be listing these retailers products on Google Express Shopping as well as their audio device, Google Home. In the coming years, they believe that more customers will begin to use voice ordering and they hope that’ll be with Google Home. For these retailers, this is by no means a life saver but attractive in that they’re able to display their products in more locations. The reason behind the initiative however is that customers are beginning to search for products solely on Amazon vs Google and Google doesn’t like that.

So…if these major retailers can create a union, why not local retailers and manufacturers like yourself? There is nothing more powerful to mobilize action, than the sense of belonging within a community. If you have ideas on how to start a collective for your community, reach out to your neighboring businesses and start now!

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