How to Dress like a French Woman

France is a country lauded for many things; its incredible food, the beauty of its landscapes and being the land of Haute Couture, the highest form of fashion.

Taking into accounts all these elements, it comes as no surprise that dressing like a French woman has become in the mind of fashion followers and adorers on a global scale the ultimate goal to aspire to stylistically.

French women benefit from the fact that fashion has always been historically linked to the history of the country and even nowadays, showing a collection in Paris is a big deal for any designer.

This reflects in the way French women dress, their style is the perfect middle ground between effortless and elegant.

Here we decode for you what makes the French woman’s style and how to adopt the spirit which makes her style so fascinating every woman aspires to it.

Discover how to dress like a French woman in our edit très français.

Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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