Partnering with Stride to Bring Shoppers Affordable Insurance

Tens of thousands of people shop and deliver with Instacart across North America. These individuals shop for different reasons and play different roles outside of being a shopper — they are parents, entrepreneurs, students, and so much more.

Shoppers don’t just use Instacart to support their own families; they’re also supporting the countless families who rely on them to deliver the groceries and essential items they need. As valued members of the Instacart community, we want to be sure that shoppers are supported at all stages of life, especially when they need care the most.

That’s why Instacart has teamed up with Stride, a company that makes it easy to find affordable insurance plans built for shoppers like you.

Stride offers several different forms of insurance, tailored to individuals so you can find the best solution for your needs. The plans you sign up for are available to you the very next month, so you don’t need to wait the standard open enrollment period that most insurance plans require.

All shoppers are eligible to sign up for insurance through Stride, and if you ever decide to stop shopping with Instacart, you can continue to keep the same healthcare plan.

Some of the options available to you include:

Health insurance

Stride helps you find quality, affordable health coverage, along with monthly subsidies to save you money. Stride will recommend a plan that covers your doctors and prescriptions at the best price. Signing up just takes minutes and can save you thousands of dollars per year. Click here to find a healthcare plan.

Dental insurance

Dental plans through Stride are accepted at over 200,000 locations worldwide, so you can find the best location for you. Cleanings and regular checkups are always free, as soon as your plan begins. Click here to find a dental plan.

Vision insurance

With vision insurance through Stride, you’ll have access to more than 31,000 doctors worldwide. The vision plan includes an annual eye exam and up to $120 a year for glasses or contacts, so it more than pays for itself. Click here to find a vision plan.

Life insurance

Your family looks to you for financial security — life insurance helps you protect them. A life insurance plan with Stride can be used for a home mortgage, college tuition, medical bills, or a variety of other expenses. Click here to find a life insurance plan.

Accident insurance

Stride’s accident insurance plans can help cover out-of-pocket expenses from any covered injury, whether received while you were shopping or not. Cash benefits are paid within 1 business day after filing an eligible claim, and there are no deductibles, copays, or lifetime limits. It can also cover non-medical expenses, such as traveling to receive care or paying for a childcare provider while you’re in the hospital. Click here to find an accident insurance plan.

Tax support

The Stride Tax app is an easy way to tackle your taxes and save money. The app lets you automatically track your mileage and expenses, delivering you an IRS-ready tax summary to make it easy to file at the end of the year. You also have access to Stride’s tax experts to clarify any questions you may have while filing. Click here to download the Stride Tax app.

All insurance plans are fulfilled directly through Stride, which is not affiliated with Instacart. If you do not currently have health insurance, you can sign up for insurance beginning as soon as next month. If you already have insurance, you will be eligible to switch plans during Open Enrollment, starting November 1. Learn more by reviewing Stride benefit information and special enrollment qualifications.

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The Instacart Checkout

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