Welcome to the 24 Carrot Club

The Instacart shopper community is full of diverse individuals — each one has a unique story and reason for shopping with Instacart. As the shopper community grows, we’re continually looking for new ways to celebrate shoppers and thank you for your ongoing efforts to bring your customers the essentials they need.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the newly refreshed 24 Carrot Club, one way we’re thanking shoppers for your commitment to Instacart and your customers.

Welcome to the 24 Carrot Club

The 24 Carrot Club is our newly refreshed shopper recognition program, and is just one way we’re saying thank you to the shoppers who continue to dedicate themselves to Instacart. Starting at 1,000 batches and going all the way up to 10,000, the 24 Carrot Club will gift you with fun swag and other perks as you reach shopping milestones.

Each gift box will contain a unique pin and sticker to show off the level you’ve reached, as well as a wearable item and other fun rewards. Available items may include an Instacart water bottle, picnic blanket, wireless earbuds, bluetooth tracker, backpack, and more. You’ll reach a new level at the following batch milestones:

  • Bronze: 1,000 batches
  • Silver: 2,500 batches
  • Gold: 5,000 batches
  • Platinum: 7,500 batches
  • Diamond: 10,000 batches

As you reach these milestones, you’ll receive an email from our team congratulating you and providing instructions on how to redeem your swag. Exact items in each gift box may change over time.

As part of our re-launch, we’ll be shipping gift boxes for your current level in the coming weeks. If you’ve shopped 1,000 batches or more with Instacart, keep an eye out for an email with instructions on ordering your swag.

Instacart Beets, a Shopper Playlist Series

To help celebrate our re-launch, we partnered with DJ Dhundee, a New York-based DJ and Instacart shopper, to develop a playlist for our shopper community. Tune in while grooving down the grocery aisles, roll the windows down on the way to your next delivery, or listen while you’re between batches — we hope it’s a fun way to connect with the shopper community and share a love of both beets and beats!

Check out the playlist here, and feel free to tag #InstacartBeets on social media to share how you’re listening.

Share Your Swag on Social

We’d love to see you rocking your new 24 Carrot Club swag! As you receive your items in the mail, hashtag #24CarrotClub so we can see you in your Instacart best. We may even feature some posts on our Instagram page.

We are immensely grateful for each member of the Instacart shopper community, whether you’ve shopped one batch or 10,000 batches. We want to continue to celebrate this community, and we hope the newly refreshed 24 Carrot Club is another step forward in lifting up shoppers across North America.

Thank you for everything you do, and welcome to the club!



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