Personal Shopper: An Unexplored Profession in India

Indians are known for their helpful nature, unless it takes up a lot of their time or efforts. That is what we have been doing since a long time. We help each other for free without the expectation of getting paid for it. However, the trend of getting paid for help provided is rising, and in today’s market scenario, getting paid to help someone is termed as consultancy.

Tapping this trend into the world of shopping and e-commerce is fairly uncommon, and hence I have named this article “An Unexplored Profession”

How “consultancy” Evolved

We have helped each other for free only when it didn’t cost us anything. But when it cost us (either in terms of time or money), we have hesitated to do it for free.

For example, Mr Mehra is running an e-commerce store and wants to build a business plan for his growth. He needs to know more about market and consumers to enable him to build the plan, and he feels the need for external help. He has a friend Mr Sood, who can help him out, but it will require an investment of time on Mr Sood’s part. Mr Mehra definitely needs all the help he can get, and hence comes to an agreement with Mr Sood, where he will pay Mr Sood to use his knowledge and expertise in developing a business plan for his e-commerce business.

This service given by Mr Sood to Mr Mehra, in return for benefits or payments given by Mr Mehra to Mr Sood, is what we call “consultancy”. That’s how the word evolved, and companies like Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte converted this into a pure business model. A simple word, an equally un-simple business model — such a beauty!

Everybody is a Consultant

When it comes to personal life, we are all free consultants. Each one of us helps our friends and family in making both important and unimportant decisions about everything. For example,

  • Who to marry?
  • Which beer to buy?
  • Which college to join?
  • Which clothes to wear for a wedding?
  • Which place to go for a vacation?
  • Which dinning table to buy?
  • Which Lawyer/CA/Doctor to consult?
  • Which mobile/laptop/wallet to buy?
  • Which house to buy?

This list has no end. This is the consultancy we provide for free. It doesn’t make sense to charge them for this, but imagine if we can help our dear ones, then why can’t we help strangers too, in making the right decisions?

An Unexplored Profession

Everyone reading this article must have bought a phone sometime in their life and would have consulted at least a couple of people before making the final purchase. These couple of people don’t have degrees in analysing smartphones, but their interests and reading habits have given them a good knowledge about the available phones. This knowledge is used by a shopper to make a purchase, thus giving a sale to the phone brand.

Now imagine that they can get paid for suggesting products to a shopper. This is a very common practice in US and Europe where people get paid to help others in their shopping, and the profession is being called “Personal Shopper”. People take the services of personal shoppers for a variety of reasons. They may be leading very busy lives, or have a large disposable income, or not have complete knowledge about specific products, brands, fashion etc.

An online personal shopper’s job is to spend time online searching on behalf of clients. Their focus is on anything that the web can provide. Online personal shopping services typically begin with a request or question from the client about the item, product or service that they are looking for, and customers are typically required to pay for the information. After the online personal shopper has located the item or items according to the client’s needs, the customer is notified.

Why Now..

In India, the need of personal shoppers has arisen specifically since people started shopping online. E-shopping is not experiential shopping, we think over it a million times before placing an order. But imagine, there is a personal shopper always available online to help us in making the right purchase as per our requirement and personality!

To become a personal shopper, one doesn’t need to have a degree in smartphones, or laptops, or fashion, or home furnishings. Anyone can become a personal shopper, as long as they understand the requirements of their clients.

We @ are bringing this profession in India. It gives an extra income source to people who love shopping, both online and offline.

Like Uber connects riders with the right driver, Shoppist connects shoppers with the right “personal shopper”

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Happy Shopping!