Shivika Gupta: The Personal Shopper at Shoppist

The Personal Shopper Series: Shivika Gupta

A quick look at the search trends on Google reveal how people have been looking for search queries such as: ‘how to become a personal shopper’, ‘personal shopper as a career’, ‘the role of a personal shopper’, and ‘how much do personal shoppers earn’. Fair questions, so we thought it’s high time we started enlightening one and all about what our Personal Shoppers do, who they are and what their experience so far has been all about.

There’s nothing better than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth and staying true to what we believe in, the Shoppist Blog team got in touch with Shivika, a talented 20-something girl who has been working as a ‘Personal Shopper’ for Shoppist customers.

Here’s what Shivika had to say when we interviewed her about her experience as a Personal Shopper.

Tell us something about yourself that you’d love to share with the world.

I was just a new girl in the big city, who has now outgrown as a woman with an ambition! Though I was always confident in my very own way, initially few blows here and there did sway me away. Lost my track, from dawn to dust I was in search of me. It’s now somewhat 6 years living alone in this big city away from my creator, protector, my strength -my parents. I’m trying to gather and mould myself. In a big city you become a ghost; you walk on the crowded streets and realise that you are a kind of transparent entity; an indistinct being, a thing which is not something.

I’m no model; I’m just a simple girl, whose passion for fashion and style urges her to do something out of the box. I have a very unusual take on fashion. I don’t follow trends, I try to see the body type of a person and then decide how that person should be styled to compliment the body type.

How did you find out about Shoppist?

How has the experience of being a Personal Shopper been so far?

Styling people has been humongously amazing .The response and recognition I receive as a part of my job is pure bliss. CALLING MYSELF A PERSONAL SHOPPER IS not enough for people to understand the work I do, so by calling myself a stylist I make things easier for myself at times. I style the client and make online purchasing easier for them, so this is a mix of Personal Styling as well as Shopping in a way.

Do people understand the work you do or is it difficult to make others understand?

Initially, it was difficult to make people understand what I do. But once a client has purchased then it BECOMES very easy. Online malfuntions can be eliminated with my expertise. Since I only shop online I am pretty quick and I know which products to suggest and what quality would satisfy the client. You either have a knack for this or you don’t.

Will Personal Shopping emerge as a big thing in India? If yes, by when do you think this is likely to happen?

According to me Everything that becomes the next big thing takes time. Time is the key element and if it is backed by consistent hard work, Shoppist is likely to become bigger than Amazon, Myntra in a very different and unique way. You never know!

What are the perks of working as a Personal Shopper?

Working as a styling expert at Shoppist helps me standout, be different from the mob. I love styling people and a happy client review makes my day. Being a type A shopaholic, I can earn commissions on my own purchases as well.

Three things you love about Shoppist.

What I love about Shoppist in no particular order:

1. Shoppist made me do the one thing that I always wanted to pursue- WHICH IS to style people.

2. Earning from styling people is super cool.

3. The profile I have on the Shoppist website gives me a chance to shine out as an individual.

- Thegirlinpink18

Getting in touch with Shivika is easy! Leave a Whatsapp on this number: 9999781759.