When Shopping Brings Happiness and Money!

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.’ — Bo Derek

If you worship Versace, dream Armani and love to workout in Nike, there is a certain chance you must be one of them shopaholics. Well, we don’t need to bring out the epiphany. Every shopaholic is aware of being a shopaholic and is proud of being so and if you are one of them, we are proud of you too. In fact, we adore you! Not everybody can be a shopaholic. Only a few have the passion, the youthfulness, and the cravings that shopaholics experience. You could be a student spending all your pocket money on vogue magazines and H&M sales, you could be working 6 days a week only to earn enough to make sure you purchasethat LBD you saw the mannequin wearing in the Dolce and Gabbana showroom.

Shopaholics are not just shoppers, they are passionate shoppers. They don’t shop, they explore. If you are this passionate about shopping, there is good news for you. There is finally, a much desired job for shopaholics.

Shoppist is a landmark for online shopping users that enable them to shop better with the help of ‘Personal Shoppers’ (yes that is a job and a paid one too!).

Shopaholics can work with Shoppist as personal shoppers to aid the buyers in choosing what to purchase amidst a wide range of collections, by reviewing various brands. With their expertise in brands and awareness of trends, they could save the time of shoppers and avoid the hassle of going through multiple websites in search of a single product.

Given the need to look presentable at all times, Shoppist understands the necessity of a personal shopper and attempts to forward the luxury of having one to the common public. We realize that shopaholics are a blessing in disguise and we wish to have you onboard.

Do you just ‘happen’ to buy a crop top when you grab a cup of coffee across the street? Do you revere Carrie Bradshaw’s 90’s style classic tube tops or Madhubala’s timeless piece of jewellery? If yes, then we need you, your style and your sense of fashion to impart them onto others and make the world a more ‘fashionable’ place.