Swimsuit Styles to Flatter Any Shape

Swimsuit season can be a bit of a nightmare. Swimsuits have a way of showing off everything you don’t want to show, and instead of having fun you wind up feeling self-conscious. Find a swimsuit that you’ll feel great in, and have fun during the summer season.

Minimize Your Hips

Feel like your hips are way too big? Wear a one-piece. This will help to elongate your shape and minimize your hips, de-emphasizing the area that you’re not excited about showing off. Look for a suit that isn’t too high-cut in the hip area for some extra coverage, and make your hips look a little bit smaller.

Maximize Your Bust

Want to make your bust look a little bit bigger? Look for a bikini with molded cups that add a little extra volume to your chest. Choose ruffles for added texture, and put emphasis in the area you’d like to maximize.

Take Inches Off Your Waist

Look for a wrap-style one-piece swimsuit to make your waist look smaller. A wrap design helps to enhance the curves around your hips and bust, which creates the illusion of a smaller waist. A simple style change can make you look like you’ve lost inches off your waistline, no sit-ups needed.

Cover All Problem Areas

Shy about your waist? Your bottom? Your bust? All of it? Try a tankini style with a bottom skirt or shorts. The tankini covers up your tummy and helps create the illusion that it’s smaller and flatter. The extra coverage around the bottom and hips can help to hide those problem areas. Since most tankinis have a V-neck design, you’ll be drawing eyes toward your bust and cleavage and away from all those areas you don’t want others to notice.

Flatter Your Shape

Get the right swimsuit to flatter your shape and draw eyes where you want them, instead of on the areas where you don’t. When you shop for the body you have, you’ll look more like you’ve got the body you want instead.