Round I: The Interview — by startup Junta.

The startup isn’t working and well its time to look for a job.

You remember the time when you pledged to disrupt something — the system disrupted you.

You think to yourself.

I don’t really want that disrupt or be disrupted world. I think dog eat dog world is a better bet.

So you put a fake tail on and … oops fake smile on … get back to conquer the tubelight world, room after room, until there are no more rooms left.

But before that you have to crack that interview. Little do you realize that your CV is now too ahead of the curve for the market.

It is like that piece of abstract art, and most common HRs really don’t know in which direction to read it from. Because every direction you read it from, gives it a different meaning — top-to-down is frontend; right-to-left is backend; and worst if you draw two lines through it, one of boxes looks like a data scientist. Infact if they tried to make a paper airplane out of your CV, it would possibly be Space-Xs next space craft.

Congrats, well done again on that disruption. Bleeding edge.

Anyway, you still send it out to all the big companies in India and the small companies in Foreign. And the way you start looking at YourStory and News-Combinator is now different. Google starts noticing this shift in your personality too. You see a matrimonial add by when googling …

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You can start by completing the last line above ‘when googling … dash dash dash’