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Letter sent on Apr 10, 2016

Illustration: “Future Bar” by Ward Lindhout — Used with permission

We reached 1K followers!

One thousand and counting…

Yesterday, Apr 09, Sci-fi Short Stories Publication (SSS) reached 1K followers! We are very glad and thankful for all of you sci-fi fans and readers that make our audience, and for all of you writers that helped build this community by publishing amazing stories since 2013!

Deep Thought by Bruno Murai @ Deviantart (http://fav.me/d3h74i3)

The journey so far…

All started as a joke by me (Gehazi Bispo) when, in 2013, I had the idea of making a badly told parody of part of the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that I named 42 (English version here), and put it in a Collection (it was a thing at the time, and I created a lot of them). Definitely the story was not a success, but it was the first step towards SSS.

In six months after creating the collection the first stories were added, written by Hector Gray, Tosca Universe, Tim Maughan, Adrian M Ryan and Thaddeus Howze.

In the beginning of 2014 I invited Thaddeus Howze to co-curate the (yet) SSS Collection, and since, his gentle and effective collaboration has helped the Publication thrive.

Despite of the ups and downs, the last two years have been of growth with lots of writers being involved. Late 2015 we done a few modifications in the Editing policy aiming more diversity and standardization among the stories, and within few weeks some results showed up with the publication of the first two stories written by women in more than a year.

Now that our audience has grown to the thousands and made us the largest publication on Medium specifically dedicated to publish science fiction stories, we want to make sure that the SSS will continue to expand in all senses.

The road ahead

The Editors share the idea that the Publication still needs improvement, as a continuously process drove by its expansion. In this direction, big updates are coming in the next weeks, that will make this Publication even better for readers and writers alike.

We also expect you to give us critic feedback, suggestions and collaboration proposals, there is always improvements to make and work to do.

We want to ensure that the (currently) SSS will continue to be home of the best short sci-fi stories of all sorts by a close and collaborative work between writers, editors and the audience.

Editors Guidelines

If you are considering to submit a story to the SSS Publication here are some guidelines from the Editors.

What we expect

We expect your best drafts for submission, and we are especially interested in works from minority individuals (e.g. women, black and indigenous people, LGBT, etc.). The stories must be a) original and b) your own. We will keep edits cosmetic, if necessary. Please try to keep your drafts under 6,000 words. Longer works need to speak with an editor.

Ideas which may help

Consider a graphic image for your story. It helps the story stand out in the Medium headline page. Subtitles or a summarizing sentence (that gives some information about the content of your story) are also encouraged. Editor’s recommendations are optional, unless they are about typos, and serious structural or semantic problems. No work that conflicts with items “a” and “b” (above), or makes apology to racism, harassment, Nazism, antisemitism, and all kinds of discriminatory behavior, will be accepted.


Gehazi Bispo

Sci-Fi Short Stories Founder and Editor

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