Appetite -in eight little letters

Eight little letters, in their apparent perfect place

A perfect place to taste the meaning of the whole

The whole that consists of a million different bites

A million different bites in a spinning world of flavors

Flavors that are salty, sweet -the choice is up to you

You -and, you’re the one, who decides in what you crave

What do you crave

You can work until you’re left, left without a beat

Without a beat, you fall so flat -and, flat is to be numb

To be numb, desires cease -they cease to feel the hunger

Hunger that provides a life in which you’re satisfied

Satisfied, you reap the gifts in all that you are given

You’re given life, a life to live -miracles you’ve sought

You’ve sought to seek, and here’s your shot, so why not

Why not

Short Stack

Sometimes, less is more (i.e., poems & short stories).

    Jenna Christine Cooper

    Written by

    Short Stack

    Sometimes, less is more (i.e., poems & short stories).

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