Finding Photo Notes Faster

Introducing the sorting feature

Herbert Bay
Dec 23, 2017 · 2 min read

We want to help you to find your photo notes quickly and in an easy way. Therefore, we introduced in-app search and spotlight search in Version 5.0.0. With version 5.0.3 we bring it to the next level. Say hello to the sorting feature.

Figure 1: Say hello to the sorting feature.

There are 3 ways to sort your photo notes.

  1. Sort by date created. This is the default and shows recently created first.
  2. Sort by most viewed. This puts most viewed on top and obviously.
  3. Sort by recently viewed. Recently viewed is my personal favorite. It puts recently created on top as well as the notes that are often viewed as they are often viewed quite recently. We are curious to learn what your favorite option is.

If you are missing a sorting option or anything else, feel free to drop us an email with your suggestion.

Sharing photos

In version 5.0.3 we also added the possibility to share your photos. This same feature also allows you to print a photo and save it to the camera roll.

Figure 2: Share, print, or save your photo.

Let us know what you think

Feel free to drop us an email with feedback and suggestions to make Shortcut better.

If you are curious and want to know what features we are working on for the next version, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Herbert Bay

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Founder of

Shortcut App

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