Shortcut for iOS 13

Herbert Bay
Oct 4 · 2 min read

For the past six months we were working hard on Shortcut 6.0. This time we pushed the limits further than ever before. We listened to our users and added amazing new features. Shortcut 6.0 introduces Sub-Folders, Notes Sharing, Tag Filter and Dark Mode.


Sub-folders allow for better notes organisation. We carefully designed the UX to make it more intuitive for users.

Notes Sharing

Also the Notes Sharing feature is carefully designed and respects the user’s privacy. Not only users can share notes, they can also un-share them. This gives the user full control over her notes.

Tag Filter

A long-awaited feature to better find notes. The tag filter makes it much easier to display the right notes. It is intuitive in usage and powerful for sorting.

Dark Mode

Shortcut beautifully supports Dark Mode. The new design is lean and simplistic as well as beautiful. We exchanged most of the custom icons with SF Symbols for a more consistent Apple-like look and feel.

Shortcut also supports sign in with Apple, in our opinion one of the greatest features of iOS 13.

All in all, the new Shortcut is here to delight more users and we’re more excited than ever to see this going to the next level.

Herbert Bay

Written by

Founder of

Shortcut App

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