Welcome the new Shortcut App

Say hello to Shortcut 5.0.0 for iPhone and iPad

Herbert Bay
Nov 29, 2017 · 2 min read
Beautiful Photo Notes app for iPhone and iPad.

We have been working hard on a completely new version of Shortcut and we are all excited to present it to you.

The new Shortcut is carefully designed to answer the needs of creators and innovators. Shortcut is the place for your photo notes and visual inspirations. Collect recipes, screenshots, print articles, and everything you want to remember.

Here’s what’s new.

  • Photos
    Many users asked us this features and now it’s here. You can take pictures from anywhere and organize them using Shortcut. Take as many photos as you want. Sky’s the limit.
  • Notes
    Add notes to your photos such as thoughts, details, and ideas. They are fully searchable and this leads us to the next new feature.
  • Search
    In this version, we introduced search. You can search for titles, notes, tags and folders. We also support Spotlight search, which takes you directly to the relevant photo note.
  • New Design
    We crafted a beautiful app with a lot of attention to details. We tried to make the Shortcut experience as smooth and intuitive as possible for you.
  • Misc
    Besides the main features as mentioned above, we also implemented a bunch of small, but useful stuff such as preventing auto-lock for interruption-less reading or cooking, syncing only on wifi to save data costs, and offline availability of scans to access your ideas when you are not online.

With Shortcut Premium (for $2.29 monthly, $27.49 annually) you can sync your photo notes over all your devices without any data limit. Take as many photo notes as you want. Sky’s the limit.

The whole Shortcut team wants to thank you for your great feedback that enabled us to realize this new version. We hope you’re going to enjoy it. Please let us know what you think!

Download the app

Shortcut Recipe Manager

Save and organize all your recipes in one place

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