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Designing the new Shortcut Logo

Creating a logo is always such a tricky task for a design team. It can be so subjective, and trying to get out what’s in the stakeholders mind can seem impossible. Here’s how we went about it.

Step 1: Create Success Criteria

  • work well with the collateral
  • work well at different size
  • stand up to the competition
  • be simple yet recognizeable
  • align to our company values

Step 2: Identify Creative Directions

Possible Creative Directions:

Ideation stage marks

Step 3: Choose a Set of Solid Solutions

Round 1 Votes
We shuck it all night long

Here are a few issues we identified:

Overlay option
Sliced option
Shaped S option

Step 4: Choose one solid direction and refine

Behold, our new mark!

Step 5: Final Refinement

The color options available
Winner winner, chicken dinner…

…Time to unleash it to the real world.

Working Examples of our New Logo!

Communication + Happiness = Success



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