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Stephanie Dawn Clark
Shortcuts to Self Mastery
3 min readJun 2, 2022

Death. Taxes. Laundry. And in between, the whole universe. Which turns out, is a multiverse. A multiverse where the duality of this realm meets the power of Love which saves everyone. Well, not everyone. Some parallel versions of you must perish. And there are infinite versions of you, each created by choices you made in the so-called past.

Imagine if you had access to every version of you that you never chose. Imagine if anything was possible. This movie is being touted as crazy, absurd, exhilarating, and exhausting. But what I experienced when I saw it was something much deeper: the truth of the reality that we are always creating and what is actually available to us.

We DO have access to every version of ourselves. We CAN “verse-hop” to access wisdom and skills from other dimensions. We HAVE free will to choose nihilism or joy. The bagel or the Love.


I live a version of this movie, so I recognize the truth in it. I have played with my timeline to access alternate versions of myself, heal wounds, and bless myself and others in this journey. I have altered the course of this lifetime for myself and others. The hotdog-finger dimension is no more absurd than any other possibility I can dream up. And it’s only exhausting if you are still a victim of it instead of being the wise creator.

At first, like me, Evelyn (played by Michelle Yeoh) is not only resistant to the opening that is created for her by her husband, but also victimized by it. Like many of us are. But she is worn down until she begins to accept her potential to create and her capacity to use it.

I can relate. Can you?

My ego was gradually worn down through repeated attempts to manifest my desires until I ultimately aligned them with Love. The highest good, the highest self, Life itself. I was slowly opened to the flow of the energy of creation.

And then everything changed.

Instead of feeling the waves of Life crashing over me, taking me under, and sometimes drowning me, I learned how to surf. And in this transformation, I was required to let go of old ways of seeing this world, this material realm. Old, conditioned ways that I inherited from my parents, my culture, and society. I was opened, like Evelyn, to REAL possibility. Beyond the bounds of what we are conditioned to believe.

And I began to CREATE.

In the movie, Evelyn reaches a decision point between war and love, which again elevates her to another realm of possibility. Where she can transform people’s darkness and demons into gifts without violence. Like an energy ninja, she creates love where there was hate and confusion. And ultimately, she restores her family to an elevated version of their current reality by helping to heal the wounds she herself has inflicted by her former limited perception.

We can ALL do that too.

If you take away the special effects, the fast pacing, and the dramatic fight scenes, what is being revealed in this movie is the power that we all have to create meaningful lives far beyond our currently known capacity. When we open ourselves to serving the highest version of Love, we can bend space and time to re-arrange the very particles of our lives. To become the wise creators we come here be.

We might even be able to do something about death, taxes, and laundry.



Stephanie Dawn Clark
Shortcuts to Self Mastery

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