Kathaakar — A short film Ft. Piyush Mishra talks about story of a man rediscovering a new Passion

Kathakaar is a story of a Man who has lost his job for Innovation. Piyush Mishra the veteran actor plays a character of a man who was working in the Theatre as a projectionist. The Mall and Multiplex culture had made him lose his job like many who lost the battle to keep up the pace with innovation and resisted change.

The story however revolves around rediscovering Passion of a man who, after losing the job, comes back to his village only to find a new passion.

Struggling with what to do with his life, he one day narrates a story for a crying kid. Slowly he becomes the favourite story teller in the village and re-discovers his passion.

Watch the short movie:

Short film about finding new passion.