Goodies for the Oldies #4

Cartoon — Old man in wheelchair is making nurse laugh
Image by Fanette on Pixabay — with assistance by author

There’s a lot to be said for a rhyme,
A rhyme of a limericky kind,
Write them flirtatious
Or simply outrageous —
Stop short of committing a crime!

Be the star of your poetry show,
Spout nonsense enveloped in prose!
Now, add in some miming
To jazz up your rhyming —
Your juices will soon start to flow!

Let me show you how

There once was an old crone named Raine,
Who struggled to light passion’s flame.
She sat on a lighter,
To try and ignite her,
But burnt her bum hole — what a shame!


My Gran, who wears flow’rs in her hair,
Invited Jim in, for a beer.
He stuck his proboscis
In Granny’s hibiscus —
The outcome of which is unclear!

Click this link for visual tips on how to perform a limerick:

Animation by author



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