The Perfect Image for Your Article

Photo of a cat with a butterfly on its nose.
Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

“In an endless jungle of websites with text-based content, a beautiful image with a lot of space and colour can be like walking into a clearing. It’s a relief.”

– David McCandless

Curious; did this image catch your attention? The selection of an image can make

Shorties But Goodies is a short form content publication. It’s loaded with only positive, uplifting, inspiring content to brighten your day, lighten your load and make you smile so much your face hurts! Warning: Happy stuff is highly addictive. Buckle up and have fun!

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Kris Bedenian

Kris Bedenian

I’m a writer who has journaled for 24 years. My battle with breast cancer has given me a new perspective on life. Writing is a way for me to give back.

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