Shortlisted, Issue #88

A gorgeous design project, big allegations about the bin Laden raid, a solution to chronic homelessness, what poverty does to your brain, and more…

via Do-Hee Kim

Arts and Culture

PHILOSOPHY — Ludwig Wittgenstein
The School Of Life, YouTube
I love these short, clear, clever videos explaining the works of major philosophers…and Wittgenstein happens to have lived an almost outlandishly interesting life.

100 Days Of Fonts
Do-Hee Kim
Another thing I love: this graphic designer’s personal project to showcase two different fonts every day for 100 days. Beautiful.

In The Age Of Information, Specializing To Survive
J. Peder Zane, The New York Times
Or: why do I feel so dumb, when so much knowledge is available with the tap of a few keystrokes?

Welcome To “Bestie Row”
The Lighter Side Of Real Estate
Four couples who have been best friends for 20 years decide to build a compound of affordable houses and live next door to each other.

Politics and World Affairs

What Republicans Can Learn From British Conservatives
David Frum, The Atlantic
In short: get over opposition to gay marriage and government involvement in health care, and get tough on immigration and terrorism.

The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden
Seymour Hersh, London Review Of Books
Explosive reporting alleging that much of what we know about bin Laden’s death — that U.S. intelligence efforts discovered him hiding in Abbottabad, that the Pakistanis were unaware of the operation until after the fact, that he was buried at sea — is a lie.

Meet The Outsider Who Accidentally Solved Chronic Homelessness
Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post
Amazing: Utah has “nearly eradicated chronic homelessness,” and reduced spending by 40%, by implementing George Tsemberis’ simple policy prescriptions.

Liberia Is Free Of Ebola, World Health Organization Declares
Sheri Fink, The New York Times
The president “held a moment of silence for those who died…Then she began shaking hands, an act that seemed monumental…”

Business and Economics

ZPM Espresso And The Rage Of The Jilted Crowdfunder
Gideon Lewis-Krauss, The New York Times Magazine
What are you buying when you back a Kickstarter campaign, and what happens when a Kickstarter project goes wrong? A great read.

The Time When YouTube Eliminated Pay Bias For Its Product Managers
Hunter Walk
“Employees should ask for equal pay but smart employers shouldn’t have to be asked.”

From Graduation To Garbage Job (Literally): One Twentysomething’s Struggle
Jackie Roche, Fusion
The author illustrates (literally) her difficulties finding a job after graduating during recession in 2009, and writes, “Graduating into the recession has shown me how much circumstance can shape lives, for better or worse.”

Jessica Pressler, New York
An entertaining look inside ad agency Droga5’s efforts to turn a new Toyota car, described by one blog as “crazy ugly,” into a buzzworthy object.

Science and Technology

Elon Musk: World’s Raddest Man
Tim Urban, Wait But Why
The title’s breathlessness may actually be deserved: the article succeeds in conveying how staggering the range and scale of Musk’s ambitions and accomplishments are. (via Albert)

NASA’s Radar Found 4 Men Trapped In Rubble In Nepal By Their Heartbeats
Sarah Zhang, Gizmodo

What Poverty Does To Your Brain
Jesse Singal, New York
Good recap of Sendil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir’s work on the “science of scarcity,” or the effect that being poor has on decisionmaking. (via Bo)

Why Scientific American’s Predictions From 10 Years Ago Were So Wrong
Sarah Zhang, Gizmodo
The most common response to the magazine’s predictions: “Still working on it.” Science, and predictions, are hard.

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