ShorTouch’s New Version — TUTO …

Using ShorTouch is a piece of cake ! Check out this tutorial..

#Step 0 — Click on the sign in button

#Step 1 — Connection and account merge

#Step 2 — ShorTouch info processing to score your relations and build your network of interactions

This can last from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your network.

#Step 3 — Your dashboard

The dashboard includes: the search engine displayed by default, the address book and a profile page.

#Step 4 — Search result

Search for people you want to connect with and ShorTouch will give you the best path to your target.

#Step 5 — Reach your target using the best recommenders

ShorTouch finds the best intermediaries.

#Step 6 — Check out your address book

#Step 7 — Check out your profile

We compute 4 scores about you, describing your online identity:

Interaction score: Measure describing the rate of interactions triggered by your actions on a platform (social networks or web messaging services). For example: when you post something on Facebook is there a lot comments, likes…

Audience score: Measure describing the number of relevant relations you have online.

Activity score: Measure describing the intensity of your activity on platforms (socials networks or web messaging services).

Consistancy score: Measure describing if your ID is coherent on the different platforms.

Now try it:

Thanks for reading,

ShorTouch’s Dream Team