Now in the ExpressionEngine Showcase

Here at Shotgunflat, we’ve been singing the praises of ExpressionEngine for a very long time — since 2009, in fact. We’ve acquired over 120 licenses on the behalf of our clients in that time, and we like to think that we’ve built some pretty darn good sites over the years.

We’ve always loved EE, and have quietly been promoting it to our clients. Sort of like semi-silent evangelists in a sense. We love it for a number of reasons, but the biggies are:

  • Flexibility. We know, going into any project, in any industry, that we can tackle the design phase with confidence in the CMS. We’ve never, ever run into a situation where we had to cut corners on visuals or front-end functionality because of the CMS. And nothing beats not having to work backward, trying to fit a design into someone else’s pre-existing “theme.” EE just gets out of our way.
  • Security. We’ve all but kissed our WordPress-type security patch/plugin update issues goodbye. EE has never had a major security issue. Throw in great spam protection and a fantastic record of fast patches and highly secure software. We double down by hosting at Nexcess, which is EE’s choice host.
  • Ease of Use. We work with our clients, during the design process, to plan the CMS experience. To us, the client’s experience as a CMS user is every bit as important as the end user’s front-end experience. EE lets us plan and build the CMS experience to be truly customized — front and back.

In short, we’re huge fans. So it was really cool to recently receive a note that EllisLab wanted to feature two of our recent projects (The Lion King and WCRI) in their showcase. Both projects are up there now — have a look.

Look, mom! That’s us!

We’ve got a ton of additional projects rolling along in EE as well, and we’re hopeful that more of our work will end up in this very cool little place.