Teams, kanban, sprints

We invented simple teams load planning without Gantt charts and any kind of micro-management.

Looks like a photo of a typical post-production studio, isn’t it? Just kidding, that’s from Ex Machina film.

Imagine, you can add a number of teams into a project and create a Kanban board (tasks board with tasks sorted into columns) for each of them. Then you set deadlines for each of these boards… and now they become Sprints! Then you can create more sprints for each team, with different tasks and deadlines. Until you sort out all the tasks you have. Then you can quickly jump between these past, current and future sprints and see how your project is going to be completed: during the previous week your teams have been working on one set of tasks, this week is for this set, the next week is for that one… and so on.

So, that’s what we call project management in Shotty 😎

Choose a team, its current sprint — and voilà — you see the shots, the assets and the tasks this team is working on. Handy, isn’t it?

Sprint filter applied to Kanban (on the left) and shots grid (on the right)

If you click the Backlog block — you can see tasks waiting to be added into a sprint.
To add a task into a sprint you just drag the task into a sprint with Backlog being selected. (Psst! You can also drag tasks between sprints, but we don’t recommend it! :)
If no sprint, nor Backlog are selected — you see all tasks you have in the project.

You can group tasks in Kanban by assignee, type and shot name

Then, if you know how many tasks a team can endure during one sprint, you can estimate how many sprints you have to pass through until the project is finished. This functionality will be available in future updates of Shotty.

In this video you can have a look at it all in action

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