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What if there was a better way to work?

90% of our work lives in the cloud. We depend heavily on task managers like Trello, note-taking tools like Notion, and collaboration tools/repos like Github and Google Drive. As work proliferates across these platforms, data about what we’re working on and who we work with begins to aggregate.

This data is incredibly valuable from a productivity standpoint. Properly visualized and made navigable, we could use this data to do extraordinary things.

Imagine that instead of a resume, you send a prospective employer an interactive map of your specific skills and expertise.

At work, the endless stream of Slack messages and emails would be replaced by powerful, automated Q&A — as questions get automatically routed to internal experts based on their knowledge graphs.

In the office, knowledge graphs and search would be like a flashlight in the dark for new hires, drastically reducing the time it takes them to get up to speed.

Imagine, if you no longer had to wonder about what your colleagues were working on, how tasks were progressing, and were able to seize opportunities for collaboration whenever they came up.

What if, like social media companies use user data to customize your news feed, you could securely use your own work data to personalize your work experience and create a more productive and collaborative environment?

The future is here.

We’re using breakthrough applications of artificial intelligence and NLP to securely integrate with your productivity tools, and render interactive knowledge profiles — starting with Google Drive.

ShoulderTap is the work hub for growing companies that tracks employee tasks and knowledge in real-time.

Searchable AI-generated knowledge profiles for your entire team

Try it for yourself

  • Sign up in 30 seconds by logging in via Google Drive
  • 📈 Get strapped in. Soon you’ll see your knowledge visualized in a radical new way — like a map for knowing who’s an expert at what and whom to ping when
  • 🔑 Share your knowledge profile with your team, colleagues, or Twitter followers
  • 😄 If you like what you see, sign up for the ShoulderTap for Business waitlist, here
Get a holistic picture of each person’s unique expertise

What is it used for

  • Supercharge team alignment with a real-time view of what everyone is working on, and what tasks they’ve accomplished
  • Powerful automated Q&A — questions get automatically routed to internal experts
  • Enable Cross-Functional Collaboration with skill discovery (Jane in Product has knowledge Joe in Sales needs to close the deal)
  • To answer “What are my people working on?” and help your team answer “Why does my work matter?”
  • Use Knowledge Graphs and Search to make Project Staffing faster than ever before
  • Onboard using knowledge graphs to get new hires up to speed quickly
  • Automate knowledge transfer during offboarding

How we got here

We believe human expertise is the single largest black hole of non-searchable information. For companies, employee-attributed data that lives within productivity apps (Slack, Google Drive, Notion, etc) holds a well of insights that can be used to drive operations more efficiently.

To mobilize this data, we’re starting with knowledge graphs and natural language search.



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