Feb. 21st — What we are watching this week.

Snapshot of the week ahead for TU issues and activities in the policy world:

Field Notes

In-District Work Week — attend a town hall with your members of your congressional delegation.

Congress is out of session this week as Senators and Representatives are back home for in-district work weeks to meet with constituents. This is a great time to connect with your representatives at home.

Attend a Town Hall Meeting: Check out this national map to find a town hall meeting near you.
Check out this post from TU for some ideas about how to participate in town hall meetings.

Oregon: Logging companies sue over Ore. monument expansion (Cascade-Siskyou National Monument) (AP/Portland Oregonian, Feb. 19)1. EPA — Under new management & Upcoming Executive Orders on Water

Inside the Beltway: Actions this week that impact TU and coldwater resources

1. EPA — Under new management & Upcoming Executive Orders on Water

On Tuesday at Noon (EPA Press Release), incoming EPA administrator Scott Pruitt (confirmed on Thursday) will address employees at a press conference at EPA. It is rumored that Mr. Pruitt and President Trump will use this opportunity to begin the process of rolling back EPA regulations, including those that regulate impacts to public lands and policies on climate and water pollution.

  • Trump to roll back Obama’s climate, water rules through executive action (Washington Post)
  • Scott Pruitt’s Back-to-Basics Agenda for the EPA: The new administrator plans to follow his statutory mandate — clean air and water — and to respect states’ rights. (Interview in Wall Street Journal)

2. Public Lands: BLM Planning 2.0 — Eyes ahead to Senate vote next week

Contgess is in recess this week, but we are keeping the pressure on with efforts to communicate our support for the BLM Planning 2.0 process and urge Senators to oppose efforts to eliminate the rule under the Congressional review act.

  • Issue: Congressional Review Act Resolution to Reverse BLM Planning 2.0 Rule.
  • Status: Passed House; Next Step: Vote in Senate;
  • Learn More: Read more about the issue on TU’s Blog, here; Read TU’s Letter to Congress, here;
Take Action: Click here to Act Now! Urge your Senator to vote AGAINST H.J. Res. 44

How Can You Get Involved?

Reach out — get in touch and get engaged

  • Contact your local chapter to help plan or join a restoration project in a watershed near you, reach out to your state council to find out ways you might engage with state-level advocacy on topics important to trout and salmon, or reach out to TU Volunteer Operations Staff for help connecting with your local or state TU resources or locating other tools to help you engage locally;
  • Check out TU’s new “Project Finder” to see what might be underway in your area.
  • Contact the TU Government Affairs team to see what’s cooking in Congress or in the Budget planning process.

Stand Up — Take Action with TU

  • Check out TU’s Advocacy Center at standup.tu.org to see what current campaigns are underway or to learn more about getting involved in advocacy work on behalf of Trout Unlimited.

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