What does the agency do, why does it matter for TU, and what are the key programs and partnerships that affect our work?

Kate-TU Miller
Mar 28, 2017 · Unlisted

**This post is a work in progress: please bear with us as we update the information and check back soon for additional content.

What does NOAA do?

NOAA, and its National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), oversee programs related to Pacific Salmon and steelhead recovery; coastal restoration; and flood resiliency projects.

How does NOAA Connect to TU’s Mission?

Key programs and partnerships / List of Key NOAA / NMFS Cuts

The Budget Blueprint zeroes out over $250 million in targeted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grants and programs supporting coastal and marine management, research, and education including Sea Grant, which primarily benefit industry and State and local stakeholders. These cuts are of great concern to Trout Unlimited and our partners:

NOAA’s SeaGrant Program

  • California’s Russian River: Trout Unlimited depends heavily on SeaGrant’s work and monitoring efforts — maybe more than any other single partner — for our work in the Russian River. They are a valuable member of our NFWF-funded Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership and they are doing all of the biological monitoring for our recently completed Mill Creek Dam Fish Passage Project (i.e., SeaGrant is how we know fish got upstream this year).
Russian River, CA: In a scene that’s playing out along hundreds of miles of streams and creeks across Sonoma County, individual landowners are proving to be the crucial link in bringing the salmon home again. The NOAA SeaGrant Research program helped to make this scene possible.

The work completed through the SeaGrant program is critical to our understanding of how salmonids use coastal streams, the bottlenecks they face, and how best to prioritize restoration actions. We’ve used the data to develop better projects, build the scientific justification for projects to funders, and evaluate project effectiveness. They go to great lengths to ensure their data is available for decision-making, and they excel at presenting complex issues and monitoring data to landowners in a way that is accessible and interesting. It’s rare to find people who can transition from highly technical conversations to fielding landowner questions so effortlessly. And their staff are some of the most competent and hardest-working people I know.

Pacific Coast Salmon Restoration Fund (PCSRF)

  • Idaho’s Yankee Fork: PCSRF Funds support TU’s work on the Yankee Fork of Idaho’s Salmon River: Historic timber harvest, dredging, and other practices have substantially altered the Yankee Fork Salmon River. The purpose of this project is to increase the habitat complexity, floodplain interaction, and natural river processes in this reach of river. TU is working in partnership with the USFS and receives additional support from the Bureau of Reclamation. This federal investment is key to leveraging additional non-federal investment from private foundations as well as state, tribal and local business and volunteer sources. To learn more about this fantastic project, check out this video by Trout Unlimited and the the Salmon-Challis National Forest.
Trout Unlimited and the Salmon-Challis National Forest are pleased to announce the release of a new film titled The Fix which chronicles a large, collaborative stream restoration effort on the Yankee Fork Salmon River.


Advocacy and policy news updates from Trout Unlimited staff and contributors.


Kate-TU Miller

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Government Affairs Director for Trout Unlimited. Editor of ShoutForTrout, a publication for TU advocates. Twitter: @KmillerTU Visit: standup.tu.org


Advocacy and policy news updates from Trout Unlimited staff and contributors.

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