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Most important Java Interview Questions

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  1. Explain Latest features of Java 8?
  2. What is the uses of Optional in java?
  3. What changes have been made in Hashmap in Java8?
  4. What is Stream API?
  5. What is benefit of using Stream API over normal for loops?
  6. What is Parallel Stream? How it internally works?
  7. What improvements have been made in Date Time Api?
  8. What is default method why it has been introduced in Java8?
  9. What is Functional Interface?
  10. Explain about different built in Functional interfaces?
  11. What is Lambda Expression? what are its usage?
  12. What is UnaryOperator, Supplier, Consumer, Predicate?
  13. Does Lambda contains return statement?
  14. Java 8 Stream findFirst() vs findAny()?
  15. Remove element from a List that satisfies a given Predicate?
  16. Stream without terminal Operation?



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