Great Content starts with Great Questions

Alli McKee
Aug 31, 2018 · 1 min read

What makes PowerPoint content so difficult to create?

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What kind of inspiration is that?

At Stick, we’ve been testing this concept and have found that blank slides often lead to blank minds. And blank minds lead to bland content.

What if, instead, we started the presentations with conversations? Good content starts with good questions.

That’s why we’ve built the B2B Sales Story Starter. Because having a conversation is easier than staring at a blank page.

Whether you have an existing Sales Deck to improve, or need to build a new one, give it a try here, and let us know how it goes:

About the Author: Alli McKee is the CEO and Founder of Stick — a communication platform built for B2B Sales and Success teams to illustrate ideas automatically in real time, to have better conversations with their customers. For more, visit

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Alli McKee

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CEO and Founder, - Illustrating Ideas in real time with NLP + ML. Painting and Improv on the side. TEDx Stanford.

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