10 Tips To Make Your Fringe Show a Hit

Joe Shellard
Sep 15, 2015 · 4 min read

Ever wondered how to sell out your fringe show?
How to build an army of supporters who will promote your play for free?
How to guarantee to break even before opening night?

Here’s ten tips tip make your fringe show a hit.

1. Make a splash

2. Crowdfunding

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3. Community

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4. Get Social

5. The battle is won before it’s begun

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6. Invest in marketing

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7. Smart Marketing

8. Time

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The production only seats 50 and lasted an hour long so it would have been easy to only do the minimum tech required. However any quality production takes time, and so we invested three days in the theatre to build a quality set and give the creative team the time and space they needed to fully realise their vision. This investment meant we had to do more fundraising, but was worthwhile in the feedback which the production received.
Cost: £200

9. Make it personal

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There were a number of influential industry figures and critics who we wanted to invite but, with no track record, knew we would struggle. So we created eye catching ‘case files’ as invitations, which provoked a great reaction from the people we needed, and at very little cost. Case files reflected the theme of the production, whilst also being personal to the individual. Think about what aspects of your production you could use for invitations.
Cost: £20

10. Maximising revenue

Let me know your own ideas in the comments below.

Originally published on September 15, 2015.

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