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Joe Shellard
Jan 4, 2013 · 2 min read
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One of the themes I want to discuss on this blog is how we can add value for our customers.

Our customers come to us when they want to have a good time — to celebrate a new job, a birthday, an anniversary or on a date. For them, it’s a special occasion — a date that has been circled in the calendar for months and had heaps of anticipation & planning weighed on it. You can spot these customers — they’re the ones who dress up especially and who phone in advance to double-check the performance is on.
We need to give our guests the opportunity to feel extra-special.

Sometimes guests want to pay extra for some extra treatment, other times they just want to feel like they’re getting something a bit exclusive, a bit special, and so we should give that to them.

What added value can we provide, without changing our basic product (the show)?

How about..

  • Extra legroom seats?

Thats just a few, which cost virtually nothing, but make the audience experience extra-special and super-memorable. I’m sure they’d never forget walking on stage after the show, or meeting a particular actor on their birthday!

All theatres can adapt to create a “VIP package” with little cost — let me know your ideas in the comments below!

Originally published on January 4, 2013.

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