Open Space Day with Patrick Debois

Tripti Shri
Product & Engineering at Showpad
2 min readNov 15, 2019


Patrick Debois participating in one of the group discussions

At Showpad, we actively encourage brainstorm sessions on a variety of topics. This helps us understand each other's views and keep the continuous improvement spirit alive.

We arranged Open Space Day in Oct 2019 with the theme of

“Steps towards truly autonomous teams” with Patrick Debois

The person who initiated the whole revolutionary movement of DevOps 10 years ago was there to share his view on Autonomous teams.

For this most recent session, we channeled our creative energy in igniting the idea towards making teams autonomous

The following topics were some of the ones discussed:

— Full-stack teams find a balance between ownership and scalability.

— Business value for customer delivered by autonomous teams

— The dark side of Autonomous teams

— From mono repo to microservices

Autonomy starts and ends with borders

Few more pictures to summarize the event

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