Healthy Woman Healthy Family !!

Yesterday I was reading an interview of America’s first lady Michelle Obama. She told Barbara Walters that she makes herself her first priority. When asked if that could be seen as selfish, she remarked: “It’s practical… a lot of times we slip pretty low on our own priority list because we’re so busy caring for everyone else. One of the things that I want to model for my girls is investing in themselves as much as they invest in others.”

Wow..What a perfect thought !

Women always have this mentality that they are here to serve and they shape their lives accordingly. But gals tell me one thing, when we fall sick doesn’t our family only suffer ?? They feel helpless as all the help from our side gets completely blocked. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean only caring about yourself. It means you should take control of your own health before you need someone else to help. Taking out some time for yourself might help you as well as your family. But, do we really do that ? We are always in hurry. Skipping breakfast, forgetting to wear our raincoats, sun coats, glasses or scarf in hurry, no exercise routine, missing important medicines when not well, not taking proper rest, sleeping less, etc.. makes us sick and unhealthy. If not now, our body will definitely show the effects in future.

I have few questions to ask all of you. Why can’t we sit and have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner? Why are we always just concerned only about our family’s wellbeing and not our wellbeing ? Why can’t we join an Aerobics or dance class to stay fit and stress free ? I remember when I got married, I used to feel shy to eat when hungry, take rest when tired, to sit for a while and sip some coffee when my legs would pain standing incessantly in kitchen for no reason. I had become weak,tired, dull and in the process lost 8 kgs. At that time, my mother in law gave me a valuable advice. She said, “ Our house and family is totally dependent on us. Tomorrow if your husband falls ill you are there to look after him. But if you fall ill, after a day or two he will have to go to his office..In future our kids suffer as they are completely dependent on us. So remember to always serve yourself first and then see how good you will take care of others.” If we skip drinking milk or breakfast a day, no one will realise we have skipped it. Its not that our family does not care for us. But these somehow are considered small things and so get neglected. But same thing if someone else in the family skips, we might end up getting worried for them. We have programmed ourselves to just care of others. We are the only ones who have to take out some of our precious time for ourselves. And if we are healthy, we can keep our family healthy by taking good care of them.

Gals, here what I want to say is Work can wait but not our body. Set good routine for yourself. Exercise daily. Take medicines on time. I see so many fat women who say they don’t get time to exercise from their office and household work, so they are putting on weight. So many weak women say we don’t get sufficient time to take our meals or supplements properly. Sometimes we skip them. Worst part is if something goes wrong with their health they don’t even realise it till it gets worse. Why ??

With a proper diet, skin and health regime, one can age gracefully. Don’t we all want to look stunning and graceful in our old age ?? The only way to reach there is taking good care of yourself today.

After all, you teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying,

“Behind every successful family…

there is happy and a healthy woman!”

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