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Digital COVID Pass Paving the Way for the New Normal

As the third wave of coronavirus hits the world, authorities are becoming more anxious about containing the spread of the virus. Even though the COVID vaccination process has already started in many countries, it will take quite a lot of time, even years, for everyone to get vaccinated. Until then, to resume normal life while keeping the population safe, the best approach would be to minimize the exposure of people to the virus as much as possible without completely shutting down the world.

This has forced the global authorities to enforce restrictions in various sectors including the travel industry, restaurants, educational institutes, arenas, large-scale events, conferences, cinemas, malls, and other public facilities. The restrictions require them to follow the COVID report verification rules. Shufti Pro has rolled out a perfect solution for these rules; Digital COVID Pass to streamline the COVID test verification process.

Keep reading to find out how Digital COVID Pass is playing a part in helping the world to resume a safe future.

What are the New Restrictions?

The travel industry is one of the sectors that faced major losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel was halted around the world when every country closed its borders. Still, there are many countries that have closed their borders for other countries to avoid the spreading of the new COVID strain. However, closing the borders is not the most suitable solution as travel is a necessity and a ban will not last forever. This has moved the authorities to come up with a more acceptable way that requires the passengers to present their authentic COVID test report. This is to assure the authorities that they have not contracted the disease.

The restrictions started for the revival of the travel industry but now other sectors and public facilities have adopted them. The restrictions require the people to present a negative COVID-PCR test to minimize the spread of the virus.

For new restrictions, only government-authorized laboratory results are considered with a specific time frame for their validity. Different regions of the world are already implementing these measures. New York City is using digital health passes to make sure that only negatively tested people are using the public facilities.

What are the Vaccine Passports?

As an increasing number of people are getting vaccinated day by day, the authorities are looking to develop a system that would set apart the people who got vaccinated from those who have yet to. For this, they have come up with a vaccine passport. Whoever gets their vaccine shots gets a card as proof of vaccine. They can use this card as a ticket to go wherever they desire without having to follow the COVID restrictions. Many governments are working on issuing authorized passports. Denmark has already introduced “Corona Pass” as a form of vaccine passport. EU plans to issue one by the summer of 2021. The UK and the USA are still considering the best possible way to issue and manage a solution like a vaccine passport.

The Sad Reality of Fraud

Unfortunately, issuing the vaccine passport is not enough, the authorities also have to deal with the fraudsters looking to benefit from this situation too. Fraudsters have started to sell fake or tampered COVID test reports online.

People are reluctant to change their plans, especially travel plans, depending on the COVID test result. Now that the governments have made it compulsory to get tested from certain authorized labs, the test has become costly. People traveling would have to pay somewhere around $100–200 for COVID tests. In order to avoid that, they opt for tempting fake results that look strikingly real to fool the authorities.

Similarly, the scam has extended to the COVID vaccine passports. Those who are yet to get vaccinated can buy fake vaccine passports online and visit public facilities and travel without any hassle.

These types of frauds are defeating the purpose of such initiatives as the people holding the fake reports and fake vaccine passports will still be able to endanger the lives of others. In order to make these operations more secure, a robust solution is required that can verify the authenticity of such documents and this is what Shufti Pro is offering.

Digital COVID Pass

Imagine a solution that can digitally verify the authenticity of the COVID test report and the vaccine passports in seconds? You don’t have to imagine anymore, as Shufti Pro is offering a state-of-the-art solution, Digital COVID pass, that can capture fake, doctored, or even stolen COVID reports by detecting QR code manipulation.

Digital COVID Pass is an AI-powered solution for the COVID test report verification and ensures the authenticity of the vaccine passports. Here is how it works:

  • The end-user submits their COVID-test report
  • The data is extracted from the report
  • The data is then screened against the data provided by the authorized labs
  • The report is checked against the ID documents of the person
  • If the data matches, it means the report is valid and really belongs to the person who is holding it
  • If it does not match, the authorities are able to capture the fraudster

This solution is what the authorities need right now to manage the vaccine passports and to ensure the authenticity of the COVID test reports. The best feature of the solution is that no installation or API integration is required to use it. It is extremely simple to use, and it can accurately capture any fraud attempt while ensuring the safe revival of a normal lifestyle.



Shufti Pro is an AI-powered SaaS product offering KYC, Identity Verification and AML Compliance solutions in over 230 Countries of the world.

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