E-KYC Services for Libraries

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Why do libraries need KYC?

KYC identity verification has become a need for online as well as physical libraries. Most of the public and private libraries around the world provide their customers with library cards that are used to keep a record of their visits to the place or if they wish to borrow books. This means that without an identity verification app installed in library systems, imposters can use stolen library cards/information to visit a library and use its resources on another person’s access. Their presence in the library is not rightful and calls for an identity document checking service to be installed. These charlatans could borrow books using their card, never returning them or misplacing/vandalising them. This could be the case in the physical libraries as well. At universities and public libraries around the globe, this is a common trend that students and regulars use each other’s library cards to issue books and use other facilities.

In many cases, the library administration has to face issues of misused books, and the innocent customer, whose library card was stolen or borrowed, comes under the microscope.

What steps need to be taken?

Digital KYC on user’s library cards is necessary in order to ensure that none of the customers are wrongfully accused of vandalism or theft, and their merchandise remains safe. The most effective way would be to opt for the best identity theft protection SaaS, Shufti Pro. The library can use it to verify the identity of their customers in real-time. The process is quick, efficient, cost and time effective and up to 99% accurate. Shufti Pro uses artificial and human intelligence to provide authentic results. It can easily be integrated in the system used at the physical as well as the virtual libraries. Whenever a user wishes to issue books, the library system will redirect them to Shufti Pro’s Identity and document verification application. They would just need to show their face to the camera, followed by their library or identity card (in case the library card is lost or unavailable but the person is a member already), and they will be verified.

Moreover, Shufti Pro will also reduce the customer on-boarding time by 90%, making it a lot more feasible for new users to gain library membership in a secure and seamless manner. Thus, to secure your library from unauthorised users with stolen/borrowed/fake library cards, uncalled for distortion or misplacement of books and illegitimate use of valuable services like catalogued material (video tapes, cassettes, audio books, newsletters, journals, etc.), e-KYC services with Shufti Pro are essential.


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