This Will Help.

*Writer’s Note: I wrote this for someone who was contemplating suicide.

For starters, take deep breaths as this will help to balance you physically and mentally. Next, try to focus on the things you want. What are those things? Imagine them if you will. It sounds like you’re giving a lot of attention and focus towards things that upset you or make you feel uneasy. Close your eyes for a second and look towards the things you have versus the things you don’t have and be grateful for them then ask yourself this question. What are some things that make you feel happy or in a good mood? Whatever those things are, do them! What are the things that make you feel unhappy? If you can’t change them, then learn to accept them but keep in mind to always strive for better.

The more you focus on the problem, the bigger it seems to get but the more you focus on the possible solutions to the problem then you’ll have a better chance at successfully dealing with any issue. Try to see yourself in a better place or whatever you feel is a better place then put all of your thoughts and time into making that a reality but practice patience. Learn to give less of your attention to those negative feelings and more to ones that are more positive. This may seem hard but this is how you manage those voices (thoughts) in your head. You decide which ones get the most attention so choose carefully. Practice this every single day and whenever a negative thought or feeling comes up, remember the only power it has is the power you give to it.

As far as frustration goes, it’s normal so don’t beat yourself down over something whenever you face it. However, I understand you may feel a lot of frustration and may be going thru a tough time right now. Just understand that things will get better as time moves on. You have to want things to be better and you MUST put forth the effort to make things that way or else those unwanted feelings, thoughts and circumstances will continue to remain the same.

Not to mention, it’s ok to feel sadness and even cry to let those bottled emotions out sometimes but don’t allow yourself to stay in that state of mind for too long. Pick yourself up, love who you are and most importantly be patient with your life and love every moment. We cherish the good days with high hopes to have more as well as the bad days with hopes to learn from them so we can become stronger inside. Because you’re gonna have those bad days and you’re gonna need that courage inside of you to handle them in order to move pass them.