Irony or Iron Man

This week were were tasked with photographing an image the was either ironic or of Iron Man.

Katie’s Experience:

Iron Man

Photographing irony was my brilliant idea. Luckily Ryan had the idea to put in a parachute, and add the option to shoot Iron Man. Thank you, Ryan!

I started looking for ironic scenes to shoot a few weeks before this challenge was due. I feel certain that before I started looking I found it a lot more often, but did I? I had grand ideas of finding the perfect, meaningful..or at least funny, ironic shot..unfortunately, it felt like the more I looked for it the more difficult it became to see it.

I went out shooting in Denver and Los Angeles over the past few weeks..I didn’t find a single shot of irony. On the final day before the challenge was due I decided that I may have to find Iron Man. I searched my area to see if there was some sort of comi-con event going on, but no such luck. I thought I could go and buy an Iron Man action figure and stage a shot, but I don’t live near any big box stores that sell toys. Then, I remembered that there was a vintage toy store I’d been meaning to visit. I decided that I would search for an ironic shot on the drive across the city en route to the toy store. If I didn’t find one, I would buy an Iron Man action figure and have a portrait session with it.

I set out driving through Denver’s downtown, trying to pay attention to the road and also search for shots. I found nothing, but I didn’t mind, I was on an adventure! The destination was better than I expected. I found myself at Fifty-Two 80s Toy Shop, the most fun shop I’ve ever been to, where I re-lived my childhood a bit before asking the shop owner if there was an Iron Man in the building. There were several. One from the 1980s that was missing his suit, and several more modern versions. I took one shot of the different Iron Man versions and all of his super hero friends, just for fun.

Iron Men and friends. Fifty-Two 80s Toy Shop. Denver, CO.

I bought one Iron Man, took the above photo of him and then and took him around with me in my shirt pocket for the rest of the evening. I got a few funny looks with Iron Man hanging out in my pocket and it made me smile, a lot! This challenge turned out to be so joyful! Creating this shot made me feel like a kid again. The adventure was amazing, because, it’s the little things!! I think Iron Man and I have many more photo shoots in our future together.

I haven’t given up on finding a way to photograph irony. Even though I didn’t find a shot by deadline, it is now a mission of mine and I can’t wait to find it. This challenge reminded me that photography is supposed to be fun! That’s why I started taking photos way back in 1994, at the age of 14. This challenge gave me back some of that magic and I am so glad for that!

Have fun with your photography! Have fun with your life! That’s my lesson from this challenge. Come join us in our photo challenges and see how they change your photography and your outlook on life. I can’t wait to see what you all shoot!

Ryan’s Experience:

On paper it sounds brilliant, photograph something ironic, but it the hustle and bustle of the real world, irony in photographic form don’t come up very often. And when you live in a tiny town, it doesn’t appear to show up at all.

I did what most would do in this situation, I turned to Google for some visual inspiration, but most of the ironic pictures examples usually include a sign and with somebody/something defying it. This, of course, would have been an easy concept to replicate, but it seems a little too generic and not visually exciting. There is nothing special about simply copying an idea just to satisfy a challenge. A challenge is a challenge when it’s challenging.

So I started brainstorming some ideas and to be honest, it’s hard to even come up with ironic picture ideas. I just finished roasting coffee for the week, and as the beans were cooling in the colander, I got an idea. My idea was to sprinkle these beans over a pillow and have my wife take a nap while I photographed this ironic moment. The idea is not my best work, but I think by definition the image satisfied goal the challenge.

I’m excited to keep the idea of capturing ironic pictures as a personal challenge whenever I’m on my photo excursions. I bet if I keep an eye out for these unique situations I’ll be able to amass a fun series.

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