Lights, Camera, Create!

This weeks challenge was “Someone Creating Something. Creating Anything”.

Katie’s Experience:

I feel as though I am finally starting to come out of my creative rut. This process of forcing myself to take a photo a week with Ryan has been so helpful! It’s reminded me of the simple things that help, like walking! It’s good for creativity (science confirms!) and oh the people you meet! The scenes you stumble upon!

I happened to come across this woman painting in the street, on one of my walks around town. I used to walk a lot…like 10 miles a day or more, on a good day. It sounds silly, but I’d forgotten how important it is to my work, to my sanity, to my mental happiness!

I am not out of the woods, yet, but I can see the clearing ahead! The photos aren’t stellar, but they are here and the process is flowing. The answer to creative block and depression (for me) is action. Taking action, by holding myself accountable with another photographer, showing my process and my heart, physically moving my body and engaging my mind..well, it seems to be working.

Have you been working along with us? How has your photography changed in these past several weeks? I would love to hear all about it!!

Ryan’s Experience:

For this challenge, I shot something near and dear to my heart — coffee! I love coffee. It’s not only an addiction; it’s a little bit of an obsession. Yes, like you, I drink a couple of cups in the morning to tackle the day, but I take it a couple of steps further. I roast my own coffee beans, I host a Sunrise Coffee Club Sunday mornings at a local park, and I brew my coffee using precise measurements of time, coffee beans, water, and love. My current preferred method for brewing coffee at home is the pour over, but when I go to the coffee shop, I usually opt for an Americano. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the regular joe the coffee shop is brewing, I just prefer buying something I can’t make at home. Plus it makes me feel fancy and allows me to sip my coffee while sticking out my pinky.

I’ve been interested in documenting other people’s process, and this gave me an opportunity to try out my skills in a fast action, low light, scenario. I didn’t use a flash for this picture, but this is something I’m going to try to practice this year. I don’t want to create super washed out indoor shots typical for on-camera flash photography. I want to use it to provide just a little extra fill light to allow for some better camera settings (e.g., lower ISO, faster shutter, etc.). It’s going to take some experimentation, and I’m hoping that I’m able to come up with some general default settings based on common light situations that will allow me to quickly shoot pictures with a flash without a ton of time wasted on multiple test shots.

The barista didn’t mind me getting all up in her business while she pulled my double-shot. I had to crank up the ISO due to the light conditions so it is a little noisier than I would have liked, but this is something I need to start accepting. I’ve been limiting my photographic opportunities because I wasn’t able to use my camera’s optimal settings. Noise, unique light conditions, etc. can sometimes enhance a picture and make it more unique than if everything was perfect. It’s these imperfect moments I love in real life so I assume I would love them equally in a photograph.

I’m dedicating this year to process and documentation. I’m going to start documenting more of my work as well as document the amazing abilities and skills of the creators in my community.

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