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Cashflow as an asset on DeFi — ShuttleOne July monthly update

New asset class being tokenized on ShuttleOne, $SZO listing, crypto account for rainy days (July updates)

Tokenizing cashflow on blockchain

This month, ShuttleOne partnered up with a leading fintech company to tackle on bringing cashflow aka credit on Decentralized finance.

Asset-backed financing has been the common practice for DeFi products where asset owners can collateralize their digital like bitcoin, ethereum or real-world assets like commodities and vehicles and borrow loans from DeFi. However, this current approach from DeFi is excluding the underserved that potentially don’t have the mean or knowledge to own a qualified asset for loans.

In the past year of financing businesses around the world using DeFi liquidity, ShuttleOne has financed several businesses using this methodology, proving that cashflow financing is possible even for DeFi. And now, we are head on to tackling cashflow financing for consumers. This will be the major development for the rest of 2021.

More news (along with the partner) will be revealed soon….

More $SZO listing and community activities

Gearing up on community activities and listing exchanges, this month, ShuttleOne listed our $SZO to Pancakeswap — the most requested listing platform from Shuttlenauts.

To celebrate this milestone, we also started a $SZO liquidity reward for Pancakeswap liquidity providers. Each eligible liquidity provider will win 1000 $SZO and 10% stablecoins after 59 days.

Beside community engagement activities, this month, ShuttleOne joined some of the biggest crypto and fintech events and competitions:

  • At Asia Innovation Summit 2021, ShuttleOne’s share our insights on implementing with Tezos chain and bringing DeFi into real-world adoption among other blockchain projects in NFT, DeFi, Wallet.
ShuttleOne joined Asia Innovative Summit 2021
  • The Global CBDC 2021 Challenge organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore: ShuttleOne joins forces with Gravity and Nomadic Labs to propose a proof of concept showcasing how entities transacting in CBDC can leverage their payment history to access more affordable financial services, specifically in trade financing. The finalists will be announced on August 27th, 2021.
Global CBDC Challenge 2021 organizers
Global CBDC Challenge 2021 organizers

One thing market has taught crypto holders this month: protect your portfolio

In recent days, one thing that has been clear to crypto holders is: You need to protect your portfolio from big market downtrend, rug pulls and FUD. You need a crypto account for rainy days.

While tokens prices and DeFi yields have been heavily impacted by the market and capital flowing out from crypto trading, ShuttleOne’s liquidity pools stand still against the market test, continuing to accrue consistent earning for our liquidity providers.

ShuttleOne’s liquidity pools generate revenue from thousands of merchants and 13+ industries that are adopting and using DeFi services in their operations. From e-commerce, manufacturing, cross-border traders are using financing and payment solutions powered by ShuttleOne’s blockchain, even without owning any digital assets (bitcoin, ethereum) and even without knowledge about blockchain. Since the revenue is generated from real-world assets and businesses, the interest rate is stable and unimpacted by market swing.

To earn fixed, stable rate on your stablecoins, simply:

Final Remarks:

One of the activities that we will experiment more in the coming months is how to engage with our community. More experiment means: more effective ways to communicate our developments, more community activities, contests and even airdrop!

Stay tuned and updated on our community channels!

From ShuttleOne team.

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