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Best ways to earn SZO token from ShuttleOne

If you hold the ShuttleOne token (SZO), you get access to interest rates that are generated by real world assets collaterals. Businesses who in need of working capital or growth funds collateralize their real-world assets (such as commodities, purchase orders, cargos, etc.) and get a loan from ShuttleOne.

When you provide liquidity into the ShuttleOne.Network, you are rewarded with SZO token as a reward for supporting the protocol.

SZO token is a utility token that regulates incentives and secures the network for token holders and suppliers of liquidity in the mining pool.

Now that you are interested, here are 2 ways to get SZO token.

1. Provide liquidity into the ShuttleOne.Network with your stablecoin (DAI, USDC, USDT) and earn SZO as a reward.

2. Buy SZO off exchanges that are listing the token.

What are the benefits of holding SZO token?

The only way to get SZO is to provide liquidity through our liquidity pools. Therefore you get it somewhat “free”. We designed this to protect investors from the main risk of price drops. And it is the safest way to obtain the tokens.

If you hold the ShuttleOne token, you are able to share higher interests rates that are generated by these real world assets.

We allow the average stablecoin suppliers to be exposed to bank grade quality assets that usually people are not able to invest in. These include commodities like rice, metals and soon energy.

What makes ShuttleOne different from other DeFI solutions?

ShuttleOne is a very unique startup in the space because our target market is G2B. In the crypto space, usually companies are B2C (business to consumer), C2C (consumer to consumer, some say P2P), B2B (business to business).

At its core, ShuttleOne is a combination of AI and blockchain that facilitates Decentralized asset lending and payments from digital assets to over 80 countries globally, the ShuttleOne network delivers seamless financial services via our partners that solves the fragmentation issues of traditional finance.

G2B stands for Governments to Business. We service government linked entities to provide DeFi solutions to the business communities of these countries. Usually our clients are businesses like ecommerce players, food and commodities traders that do cross border business and a variety of other SMEs around the region.

When stablecoins holders add liquidity to our liquidity pool, the fund will be used to facilitate services to SMEs business across the region.

Has SZO been audited?

Security and Risks are very important to us. The SZO contract is audited by Peckshield as early as April 2020. You can view the smart contract audit on

Audit documentation here.

We always ensure the safety of our users and that is also part of our licensing application with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. ShuttleOne is one of the few companies globally that has taken steps to do it to safeguard our investors, company and liquidity suppliers.

You may read up on how we deal with risks and security here.

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