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Real-world DeFi: ShuttleOne’s latest partnership brings crypto financing to Singapore business entities

Dear Shuttlenauts,

We’re delighted to share with our community about a new partnership that will bring more demand on crypto liquidity and blockchain adoption in the real-world. ShuttleOne is integrating with one of the biggest accounting firm to ShuttleOne ecosystem. This integration and partnership will bring blockchain adoption and crypto liquidity to Singapore’s businesses from day 1 of their inception.

About ShuttleOne

ShuttleOne is the next generation of operating system for Finance that allow any B2C, B2B, G2B platform to build and run their native decentralized financial solutions.

Non-blockchain B2C, B2B, B2G platforms can use ShuttleOne’s infrastructure to run fully automated DeFi solutions, connecting liquidity from the global crypto market and financial services accessibility to anyone.

ShuttleOne uses AI, Blockchain and user-focus design to bring DeFi solutions to users’ comfort platforms, and require no blockchain knowledge or digital assets from users to enjoy DeFi benefits.

The partnership that brings blockchain to any Singapore business entities

ShuttleOne is partnering with one of the leading accounting firms to integrate the B2B legal and accounting platform on blockchain and run their native decentralized financial solutions.

Business entities and their accounting data, are the 2 most basic information details for any business to access capital from financial institutions. These data are acquired and maintained by our partner as part of their legal and accounting platform. Any businesses can be eligible for ShuttleOne’s unbiased and automated financing solutions as early as 6 months since their inception.

The solution is powered by decentralized finance and blockchain tokenization, leveraging DeFi liquidity pools for financing and NFT-tokens for credit scoring.

Invest, payment and loans — ShuttleOne’s financial solution is a new type of financial product where businesses can access financial services, at the simplicity and comfort of their favourite management system. For the first time, business entities can leverage their data that is recorded in their management system for credit scoring and financial products.

The impact

This strategic partnership hit two milestones for ShuttleOne ecosystem: (1) Automates the compliance and financing process, (2) unlock crypto liquidity to Singapore businesses — the home of the fastest growing companies in the Asia- Pacific region::

  • Any Singapore businesses entities can adopt and unlock DeFi liquidity as capital for their business. DeFi liquidity attracts cryptocurrencies investors around the world with over $1 trillion in transactions volume.
  • Any established Singapore business can tokenize their legal and accounting data and access ShuttleOne’s unbiased, 24-hour credit scoring and financing. With users permissions, all data will be integrated directly with ShuttleOne, making the process simple, fast and requires no digital assets. This ensures any small and medium and non-tech businesses get access to capital as early as 6 month since inception to reach their full growth potential.
  • For crypto holders who are constantly looking for great earning, reliable DeFi solutions, they can provide stablecoins to ShuttleOne’s liquidity pools to finance the Singapore business ecosystem. Singapore is ranked #1 in the world for businesses, the home of large multinational corporations and the fastest growing startups and “unicorns” in the region. This is one of the best solutions to make impactful and low-risk investments for your crypto holdings.

The roadmap

The partnership is established with product and integration under production. The tentative release for partner reveal and final product is in ShuttleOne’s Q1/Q2 2022 roadmap.

Make impactful investment with your stablecoins

ShuttleOne’s stablecoin liquidity pools are funding real-world adoption for blockchain and decentralized finance technology. By participating in the pools, you will directly fund SMEs and companies in various sectors around the world to adopt crypto liquidity to their operation.

Join the liquidity pools to earn safe and non-volatile interest rates on your stablecoins.

We are excited to show you more exciting partnerships and product development that will be on the way very soon!

Welcome aboard!

ShuttleOne Team

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