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ShuttleOne on Tezos chain and new liquidity pool coming — ShuttleOne Aug monthly update

ShuttleOne and Tezos continue to strengthen our partnership and bring crypto adoption to real-life usecases

We put our product hat on for August, kept our head down to deliver these new developments to you — our community:

ShuttleOne is live on Tezos

6 months since the announcement, ShuttleOne has completed our integration with Tezos chain.

This is part of our multi-chain strategy, adopting multiple blockchain networks to enhance our performance.

“By running our solution on the Tezos blockchain to facilitate business-to-business and ecommerce invoicing/purchase order remittances, we are able to remove the need for working capital, pool on-demand liquidity, and reduce transaction costs by up to 80%,” explains from CEO Zhuang.

Both teams have been working extensively together to deliver this milestone to our communities.

What we achieved in this milestone: Our business end with $SZO, $RAT and $CAT tokens are fully integrated with Tezos chain — benefiting from the chain performance alongside with ERC network.

ShuttleOne DeFi system is integrated with B2B, B2C, B2G platforms and offer access to unbiased, 72-hour financing and cross-border payments to more than 13 industries.

You can watch this demo video on how businesses are using our DeFi services via our strategic platform partner — CALISTA Finance.

The next step in ShuttleOne x Tezos partnership: Bring more real-world impact products to Tezos community.

Bringing Tezos liquidity to global businesses and everyday people

Tezos community will be able to deposit kUSD to ShuttleOne’s network and receive high earning, real-world impact investment from their cryptocurrencies. Liquidity providers on ShuttleOne are enjoying:

  • High earning (10% APY) on your stablecoins. USDC, USDT, DAI and soon kUSD.
  • Safe from bear market with stable, passive crypto earning.
  • Making an impact to real-world SMEs and the unbanked with your crypto

Kolibri (kUSD) is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to USD and using tez as collateral. kUSD is the biggest stablecoins on Tezos and the first non-ERC stablecoin accepted by ShuttleOne.

This development will connect liquidity from Tezos to real-world businesses and industries that are adopting DeFi in their operations. Each month, more than half a million of real-world assets are being tokenized and financed by ShuttleOne. With Tezos liquidity coming our way, we are expecting to increase our financing size and volume, accepting over US 1 million loan enquiries from businesses in global trade, technology, construction,….

kUSD liquidity pool is expected to be available on ShuttleOne in Q4 2021.

What can be expected from ShuttleOne in the coming months?

  • More community developments:

ShuttleOne is hosting a DeFi hackathon in October with more than $5000 cash prize and reward for the winner. Newsletter registration is open here.

The Lunadopters will be back! Our highest engaging members will be rewarded more when you join and build this community with us!.

  • More B2C and B2B ecosystems adopting DeFi:

More B2C and B2B platforms are working closely with ShuttleOne to adopt DeFi and crypto liquidity to their ecosystems. We looking to make digital financing as easy as digital payment has become.

Rather than getting out of the platform to find financing services for their needs, financing services are facilitated directly by the platforms to empower their users.

The new partnerships will bring the entire Singapore business ecosystem as well as millions of American working families financing needs to ShuttleOne DeFi. This also means more revenue generated for our liquidity providers.

That’s all we can share for now! Stay tuned Shuttlenauts!

ShuttleOne Team

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