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Will DeFi be the key to build platforms into its own economy?

As Shuttle One ecosystem grow into servicing global trade platform like CALISTA Finance. We see the potential for ecosystems like B2B and B2C platforms to grow and build their own financial services to service their users.

My most recent article on DeFi implementation into real-world based on ShuttleOne’s approach in bridging DeFi to the real world and is featured on Thefintechtimes.

This is the next chapter where we expand on this theory:

In platforms where capital or cashflow could be an issue for acquisition. Building their own financing infrastructure ensures more successful deals for platforms

As ecosystems grow, one of the biggest challenge to acquire more successful deals within the marketplace or between users and the service provider will be financial solutions. When a client faces difficulty in paying or getting credit for the payment, the successful rate will fall.

E-commerce platforms are the master of increasing the platforms success rate. Their check out processes are purposely made so fast and easy, so customers don’t have a lot of time to rethink their decision. DeFi has unlocked the door for fast and easy financing service where anyone can access a loan within 10 minutes.

What if DeFi can be integrated into platforms to solve the payment and cashflow issue?

ShuttleOne bridge DeFi to platforms economies

ShuttleOne is bridging ecosystems with decentralized finance resources. As an operating financial system enabling users to utilize platform data, the door is opened for platforms to provide their own financial services under the ShuttleOne umbrella. The option to extend such financial services to customers creates a more compelling ecosystem and ensures customers don’t have to look elsewhere.

Keeping that in mind, the economic potential of ShuttleOne becomes more outspoken. Any investor lending liquidity to this protocol will be exposed to the potential of having major companies launching their own financial services.

In global trade ecosystems, like GeTS, ShuttleOne can offers trade financing service by evaluating the trade invoices and commodities that can be collaterized for trade deals in wholesale, retail, e-commerce, transportation, etc. For default risk mitigation, ShuttleOne works with PSA (Port of Authority of Singapore) to control the moving cargo between ports and liquidate the asset in case of a default.

We estimate there are $58 million USD worth of trade financing that we can support within this economy. When ShuttleOne infrastructure is plugged into an ecosystem, we are immediately exposed to its existing economy and grow our user base exponentially.

Keep in mind that different ecosystems and industries will have different set of data and method to assess credit and mitigate risk. With blockchain, it is now possible for ecosystems to integrate data into smart contracts and create their financing services using DeFi methodology.

The question is: How do Shuttle One increase enough liquidity to service these ecosystems.

As the community builder for ShuttleOne, this is a question that keep me up at night: How do we let more people know that crypto investment can truly impactful while being safe and stable from market volatility.

We see ourselves as one of the few crypto projects that truly serve as a good diversification option for crypto investors.

The earning solution in ShuttleOne brings you the best of crypto and the real world, where you can enjoy the earning rate higher than most market rates, while minimizing the risks of crypto volatility by generating earnings from stablecoins backed by real-world assets.

Some of the community effort that we are working intensively on:

  • Consult and onboard industries, governments and businesses about blockchain adoption: Supply chain, government and B2B businesses are looking into blockchain adoption and how their industry can benefit from this technology. Integrated deeply in the B2G sector give Shuttle One the advantage to consult and advice industry-leader and government arms about blockchain and decentralize finance.
  • Launching Shuttle Wallet: The blockchain investment made easy digital wallet. We believe crypto investment should be as easy as possible. At the end of the day, crypto cannot service the unbanked and underserved by being intimidated and over complicated. By launching a digital wallet where anyone can easily deposit, cash out and earn from crypto, we believe the Shuttle Wallet will contribute to the on-going effort of crypto community to bring crypto to mass adoption.

In 2nd half of 2021, the digital wallet will be our main tool to bring more people to the ShuttleOne network.

  • Reward the Shuttlenauts community to support the protocol: Last but not least. Shuttle One protocol cannot grow exponentially without the trust and help from our community. Right now, anyone can receive SZO tokens as reward when stake stablecoins with us.

By having the community sharing about ShuttleOne on social media, it will help to educate new investors on a stable and impactful investment that they can do in the crypto space. If you believe and support in our method to bring blockchain adoption closer to the real-word, write about us.

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