Highlights from Blockchain Futurist Conference — and Top 10 Photos!

The Shyft team joined more than 2,000 blockchain pioneers, innovators and enthusiasts at Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada’s largest blockchain event. And what a show it was!

Across three stages, participants from around the globe heard from 128 speakers along with a huge number of exhibitors. Hundreds of volunteers, 61 sponsors, and media in attendance added to the excitement.

An impressive lineup of speakers, including Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO and co-founder, Decentral / Jaxx; Charles Hoskinson, IOHK Founder and Ethereum Co-founder; Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO; and media legend Larry King discussed the present and future of blockchain and its potential to truly change the world.

Shyft Announces Alphanet

During his keynote at futurist, Shyft Chairman Joseph Weinberg officially launched Shyft Testnet in private alpha. Watch the video below of Joe’s keynote for more details on this important milestone.

Joseph Weinberg, Shyft Chairman spoke at Blockchain Futurist Conference on the battle for trust and evolution of identity.
In most environments requiring identification, the central question there really is this: do I trust this person enough? Is this person credible enough to interact with in business context? Usually the answer to these questions involves full disclosure; it really is all or nothing right now, and that’s something we believe needs to change. How do we enable more level playing fields while also enabling more privacy and transparency? That’s why we’re building a global attestation network that we call Shyft Network.
Joseph Weinberg announces launch of Shyft Testnet at Blockchain Futurist Conference

The Future of Blockchain Panel

Bruce Silcoff, Shyft CEO, moderated a panel exploring the outlook for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Panel members included Jeff Pulver, Alchemist Vice Chairman and Shyft Advisor, as well as Gabriel Abed, Bitt Founder; Russell Verbeeten, ConsenSys Token Engineer; and Wendy Lee, Blockchain and Tech Startup Advisor.

Jeff concluded the discussion with some inspirational words on making the most of opportunities generated by the rise of blockchain.

Jeff Pulver, Alchemist Vice Chairman, participated in a panel on the Future of Blockchain.
And I do think that perhaps some of us are working harder than we ever have, but our life matters too. It’s very hard to appreciate life when you’re dead. It’s very hard to go back to that moment in time when you can still do something about your life, to go back and do the things you appreciate. Find that person to say that you love them. Just say, I love you, you know, just take a minute for this.
We are born with 10 trillion breaths, and trust me, we waste the first 5 trillion. If you have the power of blockchain to actually decentralize your life, you could set your priorities and decide what you want to do, and you can make algorithms support you and your priorities. But don’t wait until you can’t live anymore to live.
To the extent that you’re on this planet, I think we all owe it to ourselves a little bit of time to breathe. We somehow forget to breathe. I think that if you could find a balance between being constantly on and constantly driven and just find that time to breathe — for yourself and for your future, then there is a future for all of this. But if all this new technology just runs us into algorithm, and if all it does is forces us humans to work our asses off until we can’t anymore, then perhaps this is the most detrimental technology ever conceived.
We need to breathe. If we create from that place, then there will be a balance between greatness and us.”
— Jeff Pulver

Futurist Highlights: Top 10 Photos and Tweets

There were many amazing photos shared via #Futurist18 on Twitter, so we decided to round up and share some of our favourites.

If there are photos that didn’t make it into the top 10 but you think should have been included, send to us on Twitter at @ShyftNetwork and we’ll share them with our 3,000+ followers!

Thank you to all conference attendees for many amazing and inspiring conversations! And thanks again to Tracy Leparulo and the Untraceable team for organizing a world-class blockchain event! We can’t wait for the next one :)

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