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Apr 30 · 3 min read

The week of April 22nd marked Toronto’s first-ever Blockchain Week, an expansive set of talks, panels, and social gatherings intended to highlight the latest and greatest in blockchain and crypto use cases, controversies, and companies. As you can imagine, we were all over it, both in terms of participating in the events and seeing what everyone else had to offer.

Cryptoasset regulations — What comes next?

Last week, we talked about the Osler-hosted regulatory panel our Chairman Joseph Weinberg took part in. Several of us were in attendance, and we were all very impressed at the depth and breadth of conversation there, including our CCO Michelle Beyo: “Osler’s event had the best engagement on a regulatory panel I have ever seen, Joe’s clear and honest feedback sparked a great discussion.”

The Institutionalization of Crypto Assets and the Future of Capital Markets

SigOne Capital and Wildeboer Dellelce hosted a panel entitled “The Institutionalization of Crypto Assets and the Future of Capital Markets,” and our SVP of Global Partnerships, Suzanne Ennis, was impressed with its timeliness, especially the discussion around the regulatory complexities of privacy coins like Grin.

The panel also focused heavily on the need for Canada to foster innovation, including making basic processes like the opening of bank accounts easier for crypto-focused businesses. This sort of regulatory evolution could prevent the Canadian “brain drain” we’ve seen take place within the sector. (Other countries, like France, seem to have gotten the message already and have taken proactive steps to be more crypto-business-friendly.)

The Security Token Real Deal

We also attended the “The Security Token Real Deal”, hosted by Pegasus Fintech and MLG Blockchain, a thorough overview of just what security tokens are, how they’re marketed, and the implications they hold for the securities industry more broadly. A healthy mix of speakers from both the crypto and fintech spaces offered sober analysis that balanced excitement and skepticism. Following this panel, our COO Juan Aja Aguinaco gave a brief presentation outlining Shyft’s major use cases and features.

Marketing for Blockchain Startups

We also spoke at the marketing event hosted by The Blockchain Hub and York University where we discussed the latest trends in marketing and how to cut through the noise by being innovative in your campaigns. A super interesting and educational discussion led by some of the experts in this space.

The Community Roundtable

Our marketing director Karla moderated a Community Roundtable, where she also represented Shyft Network to an audience of key industry leaders as part of the week’s closing hackathon BlockHack. Top executives from projects like Aion Foundation, Bunz, Cosmos, Polymath, and CryptoCanucks, as well as representatives of top Canadian universities, got together to reflect on how to collaborate more and build a better future together. For a full recap of the community roundtable, check out this Twitter thread:

Other panels and events we attended included: the Blockchain/Enterprise & Ecosystem event at Deloitte Canada and Global Women in Blockchain event hosted by McCarthy Tétrault, two great events highlighting the contributions women have made to the space; and the Blockchain Revolution Global kickoff panel, featuring the CEO and CIO of FedEx discussing their use of blockchain in their end-to-end delivery tracking system.

We want to thank all of the attendees and organizers at TBW for making the inaugural edition a rousing success. Let’s do this again next year, yes?


Shyft is the proof-of-sender protocol and credential verification network that enables organizations, institutions, and individuals to prove and verify identity credentials, ownership rights, and credibility between counterparties in real time and at scale. Find out more at

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Shyft Network | Media

News, insights, and thoughts on blockchain product building, networks and trust in decentralized age

Shyft Network

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Shyft is the credential verification network with proof-of-sender protocol and that reclaims trust, identity and credibility for humanity.

Shyft Network | Media

News, insights, and thoughts on blockchain product building, networks and trust in decentralized age

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