Shyft partners with Blockchain Verification Engine OVCODE

Shyft, the global blockchain-based network that facilitates secure sharing of attested and compliant data, has announced the signing of a Letter of Understanding with OVCODE, a blockchain verification engine. As part of this partnership, OVCODE will become an active ecosystem participant and an app developer on the Shyft Network.

OVCODE plans to market the integration with Shyft to clients in need of identity management solutions involving KYC processes.

“OVCODE’s mission is to fuel the future of data verification and build trust.”
 — Bobby Susson, CEO of OVCODE.

OVCODE is developer-centric, enabling individuals, corporations, institutions and governments to easily upgrade existing systems to integrate with blockchain technology. OVCODE targets global partners like Shyft for governments and large corporations, enhancing their value-added services by offering blockchain-based data verification capabilities.

Shyft is enabling third-party Trust Anchors like OVCODE — including banks, exchanges, or any organizations that already conduct KYC/AML compliance activities — to gather user data off-chain using traditional collection strategies to attest the data. These organizations will act as a trusted source of verified data, and will operate as nodes on the Shyft Network, as dApp builders, or simply integrate with Shyft through an API and take a larger role in the ecosystem. These companies represent a variety of use cases for the Shyft ecosystem and are joining Shyft as partners at a pivotal time for the company.


OVCODE is an award-winning patented blockchain technology innovation focused on verifying the authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using blockchain technology relating to the assets of its users. These assets can be digital assets, intangible assets, or physical assets. OVCODE is based in Zurich, Switzerland with current operations in Switzerland, South Korea and the Philippines.

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