Shyft partners with social enterprise Emerge to create services for the displaced

Shyft, the global blockchain-based network that facilitates secure sharing of attested and compliant data, has announced the signing of a Letter of Understanding (LOU) with Emerge, a social impact company focused on building decentralized solutions for identity and logistics. As part of this partnership, Emerge will become an active ecosystem participant, acting as a Trust Anchor on the Shyft Network.

“It is an honor to work with Lucia Gallardo, CEO of Emerge, and we’re thrilled to add her organization as a Trust Anchor on the Shyft Network. Together, we have the opportunity to develop concrete solutions for pressing global issues like the refugee crisis, and to positively impact the lives of millions of people.”
 — Michelle Beyo, Shyft International CCO

We’ve recognized a mutual sense of responsibility for those without access to a recognized identity or formal finance mechanisms. The only way to achieve tangible results for the people that need it most is to work collaboratively and to create interoperable systems that account for the lived experience of a massive segment of the world population that is often ignored or deemed irrelevant.

“There’s nothing more exciting for a social enterprise than finding partners strongly committed to impact and equality of access, said Lucia Gallardo, CEO of Emerge. By working together, Emerge and Shyft ensure that the world’s most vulnerable have access to formalized structures, programs and services — all of which can help put them on a path towards economic independence and social integration. Our teams are delighted to be working together and are inspired by what the future holds for us.”

Our partnership prioritizes the needs of this specific demographic and ensures that they are an active stakeholder in the development of new technologies and their respective applications. Ultimately, we want the people we work with to have follow-on benefits, such as the opportunity to build their credit history and easily access comprehensive, formalized finance programs and benefits.

This partnership will expand Shyft’s well-developed ecosystem of partners in its open and unified framework that allows for the standardization of regulatory, compliance and due diligence mandates for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Shyft’s ecosystem helps organizations worldwide to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while deepening consumer data security and privacy.

About Emerge

Emerge builds decentralized systems to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues for enterprise and public sector, as measured against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The organization is currently focused on the logistics of refugee resettlement and food waste. Emerge also publishes LEAP, the world’s first report on blockchain ecosystems across emerging market regions. The 2018 edition will be out this winter.

Emerge’s end-to-end solutions are built on a blockchain-based foundational layer, seamlessly integrate complementary technologies like machine learning algorithms and IoT devices, and incorporate partner service providers to facilitate a coordinated approach to otherwise fragmented operations and systems. In connecting stakeholders, Emerge looks to create live loops of relationship management, data insights, and feedback that affect the entirety of clients’ ecosystems.

For more information on Emerge, please visit their website at

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