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Announcing the Shyft DAO’s Three Community Key Signers

After a voting campaign and election on Snapshot, the DAO has elected its three community key signers. Find out more about who they are and what they will do!

Following a voting period on Snapshot, the Shyft DAO is proud to elect its three community key signers! The three elected community members will join four other key signers (two from Shyft Core; two from the Shyft Federation) to execute on transactions connected with the utilization of the Shyft DAO treasury. Key signers will all represent the Shyft DAO and aid in the perpetual advancement of Shyft Network and our mission to enable institutional blockchain adoption in compliance with local and global regulation without sacrificing users’ data privacy or sovereignty.

Now, without further ado, meet the three community key signers, who are represented by their Discord handles below. Upon election, each signer will have the choice to remain anonymous if they choose to do so.

You can also check out some of the newly elected key signers’ quotes from their candidacy about why they wanted to represent the Shyft community in the DAO.

  1. Hindsgaul (Hindsgaul#0431)

As a DeFi enthusiast and web3 supporter, I have had experience participating in other DAOs such as GRO protocol and Merit Circle. I have been in the crypto space for more than four years and one of my very first investments back in the day was actually in a DAO. Since then, the crypto space has matured a lot, and we see the need for regulation for crypto to truly go mainstream.

I believe in Shyft Network to solve both the Travel Rule problem and the institutional DeFi problem, and I want to help achieve that. This is the direction that is needed for the crypto space in general. I’d like to represent the Shyft DAO and the Shyft community in order to help grow both the community and the entire Shyft ecosystem.

Hindsgaul Capital is a private investor and strong believer in Shyft Network

2. Conqueror (Conqueror#1312)

“I’ve been interested in crypto for a long time and have participated in many votes across various DAOs. I have known DeFi for a long time and am an active participant—most of my time is spent researching and learning in this field. I have loved being in this community from the moment I discovered Shyft. I believe I fit this role and will best represent the Shyft community.”

3. DT (DT#5207)

“I am an experienced DeFi user familiar with major DeFi primitives and protocols and am an active DAO member of Inverse DAO and Gearbox DAO. I am a researcher of blockchain technology and its anti-corruption impact (transparency, cost-effectiveness, identity protection, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, traceability & visibility, and real-time information sharing system usage) on different fields with the current focus on global health. This focus includes drug supply, clinical trials, electronic medical records, patient consent, chronic patient monitoring, infection disease tracing, healthcare services, and medical insurance.

One of the main reasons why DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is not widely applied is the lack of regulations and lack of trust, accompanied by the lack of technical skills — despite many companies and government authorities already implementing DLT and smart contracts, like FDA big pharma and some end-users. To sum it up, I am an experienced DeFi user and researcher with academic background and connections to different universities around the world.”

What’s Next

The three DAO community key signers will join the four other key signers (two from Shyft Core; two from the Shyft Federation), who will be elected and announced in the coming days.

Together, the signers will enable treasury transaction executions in connection with approved proposals that require grant funding. Signers will help strategically facilitate the Shyft protocol’s advancement, infrastructure expansion, upgrades, and ecosystem development, per the Shyft DAO’s mission statement. Elected signers will participate in the signing of Shyft DAO transactions for three months.

Stay tuned as we share more information on our new key signers and the DAO’s upcoming proposals. Thanks for reading!

— Shyft Network

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