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Celebrate the Lunar New Year & Win a Fang Gang NFT (and $SHFT)!

We’re back with another community campaign and giveaway to mark the start of the Chinese New Year…and much more.

Happy Lunar New Year! Feeling lucky as a cat?

Shyft Network is back with another community campaign where we’ll be giving away thousands of $SHFT tokens and one NFT from the aptly-themed Fang Gang collection. If this sounds like your cup of green tea, find out how it will work below.

How It Works + Rewards

As we did with our Discord launch and Doodle giveaway, we’ll utilize Gleam for this campaign. Participants will be required to sign up through Gleam and action on three steps to become eligible to enter the campaign.

The first-place winner of the giveaway will be selected at random on Gleam and will receive the grand prize of a Fang Gang NFT, linked here (and pictured below).

Fangster 2726.

A Second-place winner, also selected through Gleam, will receive a prize of 1,000 $SHFT Tokens.

From there, the campaign will proceed in our Discord channel, where we’ll be hosting daily giveaways facilitated by a trusty Giveaway Bot. 500 $SHFT Tokens will be given away each day to select winners.

What’s Next

The giveaway officially kicks off today, February 3rd, and runs for one week until February 10th.

To enter the campaign on Gleam, click HERE.

Following the end of the campaign, we’ll hold an AMA on Discord in conjunction with a Twitter Spaces to share some feedback and announce an exciting new community initiative regarding the Shyft Network DAO. Make sure not to miss it!

Any questions? Reach out in Discord or via our social channels below.

Good luck, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!

— Shyft Network.

About Shyft Network

The Shyft Network aggregates and embeds trust into data stored on public and private ecosystems, allowing an opt-in compliance layer across all systems. The key pillar for Shyft is user consent, allowing users to track the usage of their data. Therefore, no one can use personal data without consent from the owner. Shyft Network allows and gives incentives to individuals and enterprises to work together to add context to data, unlocking the ability to build authentic digital reputation, identity, and credibility frameworks.

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