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Shyft Network Partners with Kylin Network to Deploy Data Oracles for Compliant DeFi Infrastructure

Shyft Network and Kylin Network take steps towards building compliant DeFi infrastructure for Financial Institutions.

  1. Kylin Network will afford the opportunity to placehold a validator node for Shyft Network. The first validators are vetted by the Kylin Network such that the health of the network in the crucial early days of the ecosystem is robust. We expect heavy demand to be a validator node, and only select partners will be invited to take part.
  2. Kylin will also work with Shyft Network as a parachain to call each other’s functions via XCMP pallet-calling. XCMP pallet-calling is a revolutionary way to call the functions of another parachain or parathread on Polkadot. Kylin has innovated this feature and will work closely with Shyft Network to identify cool ways to implement it in synergy.
  3. With data feeding provided by Shyft Network, and then filtered through Kylin Network’s consensus and arbitration mechanisms, an augmented robustness of data accuracy and trustability becomes possible. Basically, we can add another layer of trust and validation to whatever data that Shyft Network provides.
  4. In turn, Shyft network will expose Kylin Network to its burgeoning community and innovations in the field of compliance-managed data solutions.

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